Wonder Woman 1984 Director And Stars Talk Diana’s Relationships In The Film

We’ve been what feels like 84 years for Wonder Woman 1984 to hit theatres, especially after it was pushed from 2019 to 2020.

In just a few months, we’ll finally see the anticipated sequel to 2017’s hit Wonder Woman. We definitely have some questions about just what is going on around here. Talking with Entertainment Weekly, Gal Gadot, who plays the title character, shared some things about the top secret project.

First and foremost, we have some questions about just how Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) returned from the dead.

Chris Pine wasn’t spilling any secrets, but said Steve Trevor gets to be a little more joyful in the sequel.

“In the first movie, I played the world-weary soldier who has seen all the depravity that humankind is capable of displaying. And in this one I get to be much more wide-eyed and joyful. My role is really just as a friend, lover, boyfriend-cum-bodyguard who’s trying his best to help Diana on her mission. I’m like the Watson to her Holmes.”

Jenkins also talked why Pine was perfect for the role.

“He’s not beta at all. He’s a super alpha who can absolutely wear his discomfort on his sleeve. So, from day one, I was always saying that it should almost be like Wonder Woman meets Indiana Jones, where Indiana would never be emasculated. Chris just very naturally has that quality. You can tell by meeting him that he’s warm and he’s chill and he truly appreciates women.”

Pine said of the love story in the sequel that it’s not just to “tick a box”.

“Whereas in this, it’s part and parcel of the spine of the lead character. And that is Wonder Woman — she leads with love and compassion and protectiveness, and these qualities that I think are nurtured by a good strong relationship.”

Relationships are definitely rare in Diana’s world. After the deaths of her friends from her first adventure, she finds herself with precious few. One is Barbara Minerva (Kristen Wiig), who will quickly turn enemy.

Jenkins said she never doubted Wiig was right for the part.

“And I feel like Kristen’s playing a character who’s both ends of the spectrum — she’s your warm, funny friend who’s kind and interesting and then can transform into something completely different. Yes, she happens to be a woman, but she’s straight out of the Gene Hackman Superman school of great, funny, tremendous actors. I don’t think of her being a female villain, although she is. I feel that way about Wonder Woman, too. The female component of it is huge, but she’s also just a hero, a universal hero.”

Needless to say if Diana has to have a betrayal, then she needs someone to have her back. Well not need, she is Wonder Woman, but the backup is appreciated all the same.

Wonder Woman 1984 will be released on June 4.

Bec Heim