Winn Faces His Greatest Fear In “Back From The Future – Part Two” On Supergirl

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Supergirl fans!

We’re one episode away from the big 1-0-0, but before that happens we have to deal with Toyman!Winn’s return and Kara possibly dipping her toe in the dating pool again. But first, a quick refresher!

Brainy and Lex freed Winn’s evil doppelganger so that Winn would return from the future in order for Lex to get access to the Legion ship’s tech to learn about Leviathan. He also stole something from it so Lena can relearn how Q-waves now work on Earth-Prime. Looks like Non Nocere was still happening. Sigh. Also Lena pretends to forgive Andrea in order to get information.

Winn returns to keep his future as it is. He’s gotten married and has a wife and baby girl. Winn also gives out some sound advice and deals with his father issues. Honestly, it’s good to see Winn happy and relaxed. Kara, meanwhile, is a little stressed out because William wants to rush head on into exposing Lex. She is able to convince him to take his time. And it looks like they have a moment.

Let’s see what happens next, shall we?

Karaoke: Kara, Alex, Winn, and J’onn hang out at Al’s Bar where Winn reveals his callsign is Computer Lad. It turns out that Kara invited William to karaoke night. The two of them sing “Africa” by Toto. J’onn and Alex talk about Lex’s agenda with the Legion ship and Alex uploading spyware to figure out what’s going on. Lex has, of course, figured out Alex is spying on him and wants Brainy to “help her control herself”. Behind Brainy, the DEO drones attack him. J’onn, Alex, and Winn go to control the DEO while William asks Kara out. Winn distracts Kara before anything happens. Winn, Alex, Brainy, and Kara dispatch the drones, but they’re playing songs that Winn used to listen to with his dad as a kid. There’s artificial intelligence in the DEO system, which is hyperconsciousness aka what Winn’s dad was working on. Toyman!Winn had the Obsidian lenses which downloaded himself onto a laptop, which survived and was brought to the DEO. Toyman!Winn shuts down the DEO and threatens to destroy the DEO if he’s not released onto the internet. He then takes over the laser defense system and Brainy knocks Toyman!Winn out of the command center. But he will come back.

Ducks: Alex tells her DEO compatriots to round up everything with a Bluetooth and Brainy is keeping a lid on Toyman!Winn in the interim. But it’s only a stopgap. They find an old school phone, and it’s Lex. Being Lex. Alex and the crew have to gather the smart tech because there are Kryptonite safeguards and no anti-Kryptonite tech. Brainy calls Lex because he wants Toyman’s code so he can make himself immortal and take Leviathan. Yeah immortal Lex Luthor will surely end well. Andrea takes a bite of her lunch and… wakes up. They’re trying to make virtual eating a thing because it’s sending the body into shock. Andrea goes to meet with Lena, who wants a preview of Obsidian Platinum. Lena offers to help Andrea, but Andrea says no. She doesn’t want to risk Lena’s friendship, who says the offer still stands. Winn thinks the AI is in a prime server tower in the sub-basement. Brainy needs to stay upstairs while Winn and Kara go into the servers. Winn and Brainy talk about Lex and Brainy promises he has everything under control. But Winn is worried. Lena and Lex share a drink together as Lena tells Lex about her issues with Andrea. Lex offers to help Lena, who agrees. Kara and Winn head into the servers. Winn tells Kara that he was the one who inspired his father. Winn asks Kara about William, who admits that she’s not sure if she can date someone. Winn points out that William asked Kara on one date, so go and have fun. Winn and Kara find the abnormal server while Alex has her crew delinking every smart tech. She investigates a mess of toys, who get through the vents. And it’s not Toyman!Winn, but Toyman Toyman.

Digitize: Toyman wants to help take Toyman!Winn offline. Toyman!Winn is freaking out OG Toyman pretty bad. Winn does his own thing because of deep-seated issues with his father, understandable. Kara dispatches the toys sent after them. Lex goes to see “Gemma Cooper” for a chat about business opportunities for Obsidian North and LuthorCorp. Lex offers “Gemma” a chance to realize Obsidian’s potential and says he would like to be her friend for along time. Winn and Kara talk about Toyman, but Winn is not trusting his dad. Alex realizes that Brainy was in her account, confronting Brainy about it. Alex demands to know what’s going on with Brainy, who says that he was trying to protect Alex from Lex. “Gemma” goes to see Andrea, demanding to know why she turned away the Luthor offer of help. Andrea calls Lena to get her help. Winn and Kara find the prime service, but the kill code is not entering. Toyman!Winn’s AI is too strong and Winn has to go inside the server. Winn has to use Legion tech in order to go into the digital space. Toyman!Winn activates the Lexosuits that the DEO now has.

Code: Alex and the DEO agents try to take out the Lexosuits, which are trying to break out. Winn decides to go into the digital space because he’s Computer Lad. Kara heads topside to deal with the Lexosuits while Winn heads inside the digital space. Toyman offers to help Winn, but Winn says no. Toyman!Winn shows up to play tag with Winn and the duo fight each other. (Toyman calls Toyman!Winn a psycho which is pretty rich.) Kara can’t do much against the Lexosuits because Kryptonite. Brainy decides to become the brightest and loudest in the room to distract the Lexosuits. Winn actually takes Toyman’s advice so he can control the space. Brainy distracts the Lexosuits. Toyman calls Winn the “best part of him” asking his son to take a leap of faith. Winn frees Toyman who takes out Toyman!Winn. Meanwhile, the DEO takes out the Lexosuits, but flying monkeys to contend with. Winn is able to delete Toyman!Winn and Toyman. Kara goes down to Winn, who tells Kara that Toyman saved him. Kara hugs her friend.

Rebuild: Lena is able to pair her tech with the Obsidian Platinum lenses. Lex figured out that Lena sabotaged Andrea’s tech in order to get her friend to turn to her. He’s proud of Lena, which is not good. Gemma tells another old lady agent to “tell the anointed one” that they have the Luthors right where they want him. Alex announces she’s quitting the DEO and J’onn immediately asks her for a job. Brainy tells Alex that he will stay in the DEO. Winn is ready to head home, feeling like he made peace with his past. Winn decided to take the name of Toyman for himself and make something of it. He heads back to the future. At Catco, Kara goes to see William, who gives her a puzzle for her “sick grandma”. She then gently rejects William saying that she just sees him as a friend. Brainy delivers Lex the immortality code. Lex makes Brainy the director of the DEO. Alex and Kara talk about William and Lena. Kara answers the door to say hello to the new Mxy!

Bec Heim