Team Flash Finds Themselves In A “Marathon” To Adjust To The World Post-Crisis On The Flash

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Flash fans!

It’s a brave new world, literally, following the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths. With the multiverse restored (not that people know) and a bunch of Earth consolidated into Earth-Prime, the rules, the people, and the timeline are very different.

Okay basic refresher (read recaps for Crisis: Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five). Barry did not die over Crisis. Earth-1, Earth-38, and Black Lightning’s Earth combined into one. Timeline is different. Oliver is dead. It’s a brave new world and Barry is probably the Big Good of the Arrowverse with Oliver passing.

Pre-Crisis Iris was investigating a group of people who seemed to be taking metas and making them into assassins. So…that’s also coming back into play.

Let’s see what happens next, shall we?

Re-Open: Jitters immediately reopens and gets robbed by a guy with a weapon. He doesn’t realize that they have no money. So he just starts blowing stuff while Barry saves the day much to the enjoyment of the crowd. Cisco, meanwhile, is freaking out to all the changes to the timeline and the world at large to Frost. He also freaks out over owning a Superman shirt and how there are so many new bad guys with fresh paint jobs. Cisco has also locked Nash in a closet. Nash is going to make sure that no one can accidentally open the Anti-Matter universe ever again. Iris is pleased over the fact that Crisis is over and Barry’s alive. Barry brings home Digg, who has what Oliver left him. It’s the mask that Barry left Oliver, which has a weird stain above the left eye. Barry thinks that it’s a clue from Oliver while Iris goes to chase down a lead. She meets with a contact, Deep Throat style, in a parking lot. She shows the guy a symbo. Iris asks that the guy, a scientist from McCulloch Tech, come forward, promising to keep him a secret. All he says is that the bad guys will not be brought out of the shadow, but Black Hole will not be brought forward. Meanwhile, an assassin gets Iris’ photo.

Secret: Iris, Kamilla, and Allegra tell Cecile about what’s going with Black Hole. Iris gave Joe the head’s up, but this is reporter territory for now. Cecile says that if McCulloch doesn’t like what Iris writes, then it’s time for defamation. Digg watches as Barry runs home crime scene stuff. It turns out there is stuff on the mask: sediment from Lian Yu and Mirakuru. Barry needs to make sure that there is no more Mirakuru on Lian Yu or else, you know, more super soldiers. So Digg takes some anti-nausea medication and Barry runs him to there. Iris goes to interview Joseph Carver, the CEO of McCulloch Tech, about Black Hole. Carver gives Iris the file on Husk, her contact, but says that it was corporate espionage by Obsidian Tech. Carver asks Iris not to run the story, but she has an obligation to the truth. Iris runs the story and gets sued for defamation. The assassin takes her shot at Iris, who Cecile senses before it happens and gets everyone down just as some weird acid hole appears.

Tunnels: Iris sends the rest of Team Citizen to STAR Labs while she heads to the tunnels to take cover. The next acid bullet destroys their conspiracy board with Kamilla taking frantic picture while Iris goes out. It turns out that the weapon is not acid, but high intensity light. Nash is genuinely concerned for Allegra, but Cisco unloads on Nash utterly about his role in Crisis. It turns out that Harry and Jesse died and they’re stuck with Nash. Iris goes to meet with Husk, who only tells her that Black Hole isn’t what they think before he gets shot. He tells her “mirror” before dying as the assassin approaches. Iris gets in a car and does some heavy defense driving to get out of there.

Dr. Light: Iris arrives to STAR Labs, safe and a little singed. She identifies her attacked as Kimoyo Hoshi, the brand new Dr. Light. She went missing about four years ago and was turned into Dr. Light. Iris then gets out Husk’s badge, but any viable evidence has been destroyed. Digg and Barry find the box of Mirakuru, but there is nothing in it. It was a gift, not a new mission. Digg believes it was a reminder from Oliver not to let the mission rule your life. Barry’s powers also get weirdly out of sync. Digg tells Barry that he needs to just slow down and enjoy his life. Caitlin takes control to help Iris and check out Cisco. Cisco is beating himself up for giving up his powers for a normal life. He wants to protect everyone who did survive and made a home on Earth-Prime. He also no longer has his Vibe powers anymore, but he doesn’t know if he misses being Vibe or not. Caitlin suggests that Cisco take some time away from Cental City to catalogue all the changes to the timeline, figure out who he is in the post Crisis world. Joe goes to visit the injured Iris and freaks out. Joe tells Iris that she cannot win this war in a day. They don’t live in Crisis-mode anymore. They have time now. Iris realizes that she needs to go speak to Carver again.

Switch: Carver places a call to Dr. Light, who is prepared to make her move against Iris at the West homestead. Instead, Iris turns out to be a hologram controlled by Kamilla while Joe and Frost corner Dr. Light. It turns out that the ID badge and the “mirror” of Husk’s final words tie back to McCulloch and Carver, who is Black Hole. She also informs him while she doesn’t have everything, Iris does have dead man’s switch in place. If any of her loved ones died, then Iris will release everything to the press and let them sort it out. Dr. Light stops her assault on Joe and Frost at Carver’s call, telling Frost that she follows orders before leaving. Yikes. Carver has his press conference, saying that they are dropping the lawsuit against the Citizen as Iris leaves, winning the battle for now.

World: Cisco summons Nash, telling him that he is heading out into the brave new world for a bit to suss out threats. He asks Nash to hold down the fort at STAR Labs while he does so. Cisco apologizes to Nash about what he said. Cisco heads out into the brave new world while telling Nash that he hopes he finds whatever he’s looking for. Nash takes out a photo of him…and Allegra. Well damn skippy, she’s a doppelganger of his daughter. Barry and Iris talk about their days. Barry said Oliver left him the mask in order to remind him to protect what he loves. Iris also shares her own mixed up feelings post-Crisis. Barry and Iris agree to spend the night taking it easy together.

Mirror: In the middle of the night, Iris goes to get some water and looks into a mirror, remembering Husk’s last words and getting an idea. She remembers the door number AV3, which spells EVA in the mirror. It also leads her to sneak back into McCulloch Tech to the room that gave her a weird feeling. Using the Black Hole pin, she opens the door and finds…things covered with sheets. It looks like an office one with a giant mirror. Iris asks what Eva McCulloch was up to…before she is pulled into the mirror!!! Well, damn.

Bec Heim