Supergirl Celebrates 100 Episodes With “It’s A Super Life”

Credit: The CW

Welcome Supergirl fans to episode 100!

That’s right, Superfriends. It’s been 100 crazy episodes with some wild ups and downs over the years. It’s been my pleasure to recap almost all of them (I missed one due to travel) of this show. I couldn’t be more thrilled to be celebrating this milestone with all of you.

So here’s what you missed. Toyman Winn was still alive in cyberspace along with a cyber copy of the original Toyman, Winn’s dad. They made themselves into AI for immortality. Winn is able to erase both of them but semi-reconciles with his dad. He also decides to make his Legion callsign Toyman so he can make something good of his legacy. Winn heads back to the future to reunite with his family.

Brainy, meanwhile, is still working his deal with the Devil with Lex. He gets the code Lex will need in order to make a cyber copy of himself (yikes). Meanwhile, Lex brings Lena and Andrea together by chatting up “Gemma” of Leviathan. While he thinks he’s playing her, she and Old Lady Leviathan believe they have him primed for “The Anointed One”. Yikes.

Alex, meanwhile, quits the DEO and takes a job with J’onn, making Brainy the new Director. Kara, who was kind of thinking about dating William, turns him down because she’s gun shy about the secrets she keeps due to the whole Lena situation. That’s when new and improved Mr. Mxyzptlk shows up.

So shall we?

Wonderful: Mxy arrives, admits this “new form” is how he always looked, and is now on a redemption quest. He has to help all the people he has wrong. Kara is the last one. He’s here to help Kara make things better with Lena through the power of do-over. Mxy has a recording of himself saying things backwards, which Kara uses to banish Mxy. J’onn then shows up. J’onn and Alex are both uncertain about changing the timeline, but Kara thinks they may help the timeline. If Lena reacts differently, then maybe she wouldn’t work with Lex. Mxy arrives and promises Kara that he will fix the timeline. He then sends J’onn and Alex to paintball. Mxy then says that he will allow Kara to go to certain points in the timeline and let her change it.

Do-Over 1: Kara goes back to when before Mercy attacks. Kara quite honestly tells Lena the truth and everything. Lena goes to see Sam in Metropolis about everything, thinking that Kara thinks that she is a villain. Sam reassures Lena that she is the hero. Except the night Kara tells Lena is the night the air is poisoned with Kryptonite. Without the special suit, Kara dies from Kryptonite poisoning, leaving Alex devastated.

Do-Over 2: Alex realizes that she needs to talk with Lena before the Kryptonite blowout together. Kara needs to tell Lena there before things get bad. Lena is upset, saying that she needed Kara’s help earlier. Lena takes the betrayal hard. Mxy decides that they’re going to not rely on Kara’s memory as she forget about the bomb and the eclipse. She then sees Mon-El and wants to get his perspective as Lena is not helping the DEO in this timeline. Mxy snaps Kara in to talk with Mon-El, though he has no clue what Kara saw in him. Mon-El said that Kara wasn’t hurting Lena out of malice, reminding her that even Supergirl has messed up. She’s forgiven him, no matter how many times he’s messed up. Kara and Mon-El then go to fight Reign when Sam’s mother comes out to talk with her. That’s when Lena shows up to help, stopping the death of Sam’s mother and bringing Sam out of Reign. Of course, Reign takes over and kills Lena and then Mon-El and Reign die as well when Mon-EL tries to take her out. Kara asks Mxy to take her out.

Do-Over 3: Kara decides to go back to the beginning of her and Lena’s friendship. Mxy sends her in to talk with Lena. Lena is not angry, but in awe of Kara. Kara offers her hand in friendship to Lena saying that Luthor and Super make a great team. Lena and Kara, however, made a cult together with George Lockwood starting a church chapter of the Cult of Rao. It turns out Lockwood’s family all committed suicide and wants people to stop worshipping Supergirl. He then kidnaps Lena along with Coville. Just when Kara thinks that the timeline is going well, huh? Lockwood, as Agent Liberty, threatens that if Kara doesn’t tell the truth of her identity then Lena will die. Winn, J’onn, Alex, and Kara try to figure out what do. Winn reassures Kara that they can take care of themselves, but Lena needs saving. So Kara calls a press conference and announces her identity as Supergirl to the world. Lockwood decides to keep his word and Kara frees Lena. Mxy reveals that the Children of Liberty targeted and killed Kara’s loved ones.

Do-Over 4: Kara thinks that it would be better off if she and Lena were never friends. Kara and Mxy show up in the timeline where she and Lena were never friends. They’re at where Kara’s loft used to be, but when Mxy tries to snap them out…Yeah he doesn’t have his powers anymore. So they’re stuck. Kara and Mxy both make a break for it and a Lexosuit attacks because they’re in defiance of Luthor’s Law. That’s when Dreamer shows up. In this timeline, Supergirl is a terrorist and Lena is a dark authoritarian ruler. She killed Lex with Reign and Brainy as her enforcers. Apparently, Lena uses the fifth dimensional to power her robots and Winn remembers a hat from an old drinking buddy of Mxy’s that LCorp had. Reign and the evil Brainy show up to attack and get Mxy. Kara and J’onn deal with Reign while Alex, Nia, and Kelly handle Brainy. Winn and Mon-El take Mxy to get the hat. Kara tries to reach out to Lena, but she’s not interested. In this timeline, Lena is a Metallo and fires Kryptonite at Kara. Things are not going well. At all. Reign prepares to kill J’onn, but Mon-El brings out the staff of H’ron’meer, which destroys Reign. Kara refuses to fight Lena, who promises she will die screaming. Winn finds the fifth dimensional hat and Mxy uses it to restore the timeline.

Life: Kara and Mxy both catch their breaths, but she refuses to do one more go for the timeline. Kara realizes that there will always be huge consequences to telling Lena the truth. She just needs to live with her actions and consequences. Kara thanks Mxy from freeing her from her guilt. Mxy genuinely apologizes for his past actions and felt like he had friends for the first time in his life. He promises her that sort of magic cannot be forced but found. Mxy then goes to Mardi Gras in the 1780s. He does, however, leave behind a tape for Kara. Kara decides to go and see Lena. Kara says that she is done blaming herself for Lena’s bad decisions and that Lena is now accountable for her own actions. Kara lays it all out: Lena can forgive her but if she and Lex move forward than she will be like any other villain to Kara. J’onn, Alex, and Kara eat a huge spread of food courtesy of Mxy. Kara has a mushy touchy moment with J’onn and Alex, sharing the love for all the times they’ve been there for her. Outside a bit of fifth dimensional energy flies away after watching.

Bec Heim