Ralph Dibny Meets “A Girl Named Sue” On The Flash

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Flash fans!

Sooo…Iris is in peril and there’s a clone running around with her face. To make it clear we’ll be calling Real Iris “Iris” and Fake Iris “Mirror Iris” because that makes the most sense. We good? Good.

Last week, Barry felt out of sync with his wife. It makes sense because Mirror Iris has taken Iris’ place. She, however, has totally valid explanations for everything, like they’re apart because Crisis forced her to grow without him and things like that. Mirror Iris and Barry ended up re-hooking up the broken up Amunet and Goldface. The pair made up at the end of the episode, but Iris is in the mirror and she is watching.

Meanwhile, Frost helped Allegra make peace with an ex and her ghosting of him. Allegra didn’t get back together with him, but they talked and she has a friend now. So good for her. It took some advice from Nash to help Frost get through to Allegra. Frost knows that there is something paternal about Nash’s feelings toward Allegra, but doesn’t push. Nash, however, is seeing Harry, presumed dead after the end of Earth-2 and the old multiverse.

Let’s see what happens next, shall we?

Glass: Barry and Mirror Iris are cuddled up on the couch while Iris watches. She then meets another woman, who thinks she’s gone insane at seeing Iris. Iris reassures she’s real, which sends the other woman into a hug. Iris realizes that the other woman is Eva McCulloch, who is not dead but trapped in the mirror. So is Iris. Eva says that they’re on the same Earth, but in a new dimension of existence. Eva explains that they are in a fractal reality, an empty reflection. Iris gets a weird ringing headache, which is a side effect. Eva said that she was developing tech to open doorways into alternate planes of existence when the dark matter washed over the mirror. It left a fractal clone of herself in Iris’ place. Eva said that they’re stuck here for the time being. Ralph continues on with the Dearbon Investigation. Cecile goes to visit Ralph and tells him that he needs some help, offering her own assistance. Ralph gets an alert on some of Sue’s bank activity, going to check it out. Barry is still feeling off, which worries Mirror Iris who is investigating Carver and Black Hole. She wants to go deep into the Mirror Gun, asking Barry to go into the Starchives to get it. Barry says no even when Mirror Iris pushes it. Ralph goes to the apartment associated with Sue Dearbon when it explodes with her landing on top of him.

Refracted: Ralph takes Sue back to his office to ask what is going. She says her ex wants her dead because she knows too much. Sue fell in love with a murderer: John Loring. Sue knows about Loring’s associates and the like. Sue won’t call her parents or go to the cops. She and Loring are currently hunting each other. Now she’s followed him to Central City to get evidence against Loring. Ralph tries to get Sue to stay put, but yeah that’s happening. Iris wants to go back home, but Eva said she’s tried over 1300 times to get out of there. Iris said that they just need one way out of here. Iris wants to try what they did with Sam Scutter, bringing the mirror to absolute zero to get out of the Mirror World. Joe wants Barry to take a look at case for him that was declared an accident as a favor to him. Sue and Ralph go to a warehouse that Loring owns. Ralph asks Sue to stay in the car because Loring may suspect that she’s coming but he might not guess that Ralph is coming. Ralph is immediately found out and knocked out when Sue shows up and knocks the attacker out.

Explosives: Sue is ready to drop Ralph like a hot potato after the slip up at the warehouse. Sue wants to John’s ledger, which they can get at from under the building. Cecile sees Ralph with Sue and gets a read on them. They are, according to Cecile, on the same emotional wavelength. Eva and Iris attempt the absolute zero idea, but it doesn’t work. Eva talks about watching her husband mourn and moving on with his life, while she can’t. Mirror Iris heads down to the Starchives to get the Mirror Gun where she is found by Nash. Nash tells Mirror Iris he’s here to take down the inventory, who is followed by the ghost of Harry Wells. Mirror Iris spins Nash a story about losing Nora’s journal and asking Nash to keep it quiet. Sue and Ralph break in where they are immediately spotted, but they head to Loring’s office. Ralph finds a key to a safety deposit box. As they escape, he reveals his powers to her and she figures out his heroic identity.

Bounce: Sue asks Ralph about being the Elongated Man, who wants to get at the safety deposit box. She also appreciates Ralph for trusting her. Sue wants to go into the bank now to get the ledger before Loring destroys it. Sue respects his choice, but is going to do it. Ralph says that if they do, then they do it his way. Sue agrees to it. Barry gives Joe his opinion on the case: Dr. Light torched the place. Joe thinks that someone at CCPD is helping Joseph Carver cover these deaths associated with the fire up. Joe thinks that Barry should give the Mirror Gun to Mirror Iris. Eva gets upset about how things aren’t going to be alright when she calls a piece of the mirror to her. Iris realizes that Eva has mirror powers. Ralph takes the form of Joe while Sue knocks out the guard. Ralph and Sue bond over being lost and then he lets her do the honors by opening the safety deposit box. She then grabs what was in the box and knocks out Ralph, locking him up.

Shattered: Sue wanted Ralph to feel sympathy for her. She sees what she wants and she takes. Sue has been playing everyone and threatens exposure so he doesn’t tell her parents about what happen. Then she’s found out by Loring’s guys. Ralph escapes through the sprinkler system and protects Sue from a hail of gunfire. And…then something happens. It’s Ultraviolet, who has come to kill Sue. Ralph gets hit by Ultraviolet while protecting the guard. Sue and Ultraviolet then duke it out and Sue gets the upperhand. She passes the empty diamond box to Ralph before walking out with it. Ultraviolet then disappears, leaving Ralph with the pissed off bad guys. Luckily, Barry and Joe come in to handle the clean-up.

Vanished: Ralph is beating himself up over why he didn’t figure out Sue Dearbon. Barry brings Mirror Iris the Mirror Gun, saying that Mirror Iris’ hands are the right hands. Poor Barry, he’s stuck with Mirror Iris, whose plans are possibly shady. Mirror Iris smiles to herself as she takes the Mirror Gun. Iris, meanwhile, tells Eva that she’s a survivor and she can prove it. Eva uses her abilities to rebuild the mirror. The Mirror shows Barry Iris and Barry stares into the mirror. For a brief second, it ripples and Barry seems to realize something happened. Iris comforts Eva, who seems surprised by her power. Sue, meanwhile, looks pleased at her prize while she checks out a picture of Ralph. And the diamond? It has a Black Hole symbol on it meaning that Sue Dearbon is also on the case.

Bec Heim