Netflix’s I Am Not Okay With This First Trailer Has Sophia Lillis Moving Things With Her Mind

Sophia Lillis is having a fairly typical puberty in the trailer for I Am Not Okay With This. She’s dealing with high school, familial relationships, questioning her sexuality, and emergence of superpowers.

Normal teen stuff.

After as the self proclaimed “boring 17-year-old white girl” Sydney (Lillis) says “it’s probably just puberty” as she adds shows of super-strength and telekinesis to other things. It definitely is bits of oddity with some wry comedy and a thoughtful meditation on teenage life.

The new Netflix comedy hails from a graphic novel of the same name from The End of the Fing World author Charles Forsman. The series creator is Jonathan Entwistle, who also worked on The End of the Fing World series.

Also starring in I Am Not Okay With This is Wyatt Oleff (IT) and Sofia Bryant (The Good Wife) as Sydney’s friends Stanley and Dina.

I Am Not Okay With This will be released on Netflix on Feb. 26.

Bec Heim