“Love Is A Battlefield” As Something’s Not Quite Right With Iris On The Flash

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Flash fans!

Oh boy, Iris looks to be in some serious trouble. In the final moments of last week’s episode, Iris broke into the McCulloch Tech offices to a secret room that belonged to CEO’s Jeremy Carver late wife Eva. While investigating, she is pulled into the mirror. Oh dear.

Before that, Iris was investigating the mysterious Black Hole: a group of assassins associated with McCulloch Tech. She was even hunted down by Earth-Prime’s new Doctor Light. Luckily, she and Carver reached a state of “mutually assured destruction” should anything happen to Iris or her loved ones. Meanwhile, Digg dropped off what Oliver left for Barry in his will: the mask Barry made him. Barry thought this was a whole secret mission from Oliver from beyond the grave. It wasn’t. With Digg, Barry worked through his grief over the loss of his friend.

Cisco, meanwhile, is panicking over post-Crisis changes. With some encouragement from Caitlin, he decides to go and see what he can catalogue to better prepare for this brave new world.

Let’s see what happens next, shall we?

Mirrors: Iris…seems to be okay? She holds her hand to her head like it’s in pain, but leaves when she hears footsteps. The next day Iris makes Barry…some perfect looking pancakes. Uhhh.. She apparently also went out to buy a juicer. Barry and Iris decide to change a reservation in order to not have to worry about meta attacks on Valentine’s Day. Allegra arrives to Frost decorating the Citizen office for Valentine’s Day. She also is a little creeped out by Nash. Allegra confesses about a broken heart and Frost tells her to go for it. Apparently Frost wants to play Cupid. At the restaurant, Iris surprises Barry by speaking Italian to the waiter. Of course, there no meta date is interrupted by Amunet Black, who is hunting a guy named Sal Franco, who has some kind of case that she wants. Barry just tries to place Amunet under arrest (can CSIs do that?), but she threatens to reveal his identity.

Grid: Barry and Iris are worried about why Amunet is back in town. Barry’s beating himself up by just letting her go, but Iris said that they knew Amunet knowing about him would come back to bite him. They decide to track down Amunet the old-fashioned way. Allegra’s ex has found someone new much to Frost’s chagrin and Allegra’s anger. Barry and Iris are the STAR Labs mobile. Iris decides to go under cover in the underworld while Barry waits in the car and wait until he hears the code word (banana). Iris saying that she’s looking for Amunet gets all sorts of looks. Until Iris breaks a bottle over some guy’s head, but she gets the information she wants. Barry is very worried about the whole bottle breaking thing, but they do have her next target: IVO Labs. Iris and Barry follow her there, but the tech is unfamiliar. Then Goldface shows up. Apparently, he and Amunet used to date.

Pulling: Goldface and Amunet start fighting over what she took in the break-up. Apparently, she’s also been stealing his scores. Goldface uses his magic chain to take what she stole. The two fight and a poor guard gets trapped under some metal ball while Barry quickly goes to save him. Iris used the distraction to steal the tech. The next morning Barry tells Iris that the pair are targeting each other, trying to hurt each other instead of their businesses. Apparently, the two things that Amunet was trying to steal will combine to help transport and store delicate plants. Iris wants to use their leverage to solve the thing from the inside, but Barry is reluctant. Iris, however, gets angry at Barry’s reluctance but Barry is worried about the changes he’s noticed in Iris. She says that she doesn’t need to be his damsel in distress anymore or a voice in Barry’s cowl. Barry feels like they haven’t been connecting, but Iris wishes he felt proud of whose she’s become. Frost is drinking at Team Citizen when Nash shows up looking for Allegra. Frost feels like she’s not being good at being a better person. Nash offers Frost some advice, telling Frost that let Allegra see the world isn’t black and white. Amunet destroys a picture of Goldface when Iris walks in.

Deals: Iris figured out what Amunet wanted. The pollen from a rare orchid that can be made into a telepathic drug. Iris tells Amunet that she wants to use the pollen to read Barry’s mind, which Amunet totally understands. Amunet suddenly wants to be besties with Iris, telling her that it’s time to go flower shopping. Barry goes to see Joe, where he shares his fears about what’s going on with Iris and him. He’s scared that he and Iris have grown apart. Joe tells Barry that they just need to care for the foundation and that they will grow together. Frost goes to see Allegra. Both apologize. Allegra and Frost talk about her relationship with her ex and that she ended up ghosting him because she didn’t want him to learn it was a meta. Frost tells Allegra to go talk to him and get the whole facts. Amunet shares the story of her and Goldface’s relationship. Iris tells Amunet that maybe she should just talk with Goldface, but Amunet is not having it. Goldface shows up with his crew just as Amunet puts the device together.

Bloom: Amunet and Goldface begin to fight while their goons also get into it. Barry pulls Iris out of there when lasers start flying. Barry shows up to ask about how their relationship failed, offering some advice. He’s quickly thrown out of the way due to the gold in his onesie. Apparently, they needed a common enemy for a minute. Iris has a better plan though, which is to burn the orchid that they both came for. It releases the pollen, which lets them read each other’s minds. Well telepathy helps their relationship and they start making out. Barry and Iris wish each other a happy Valentine’s Day while Amunet and Goldface get frisky in the background.

Hearts: Allegra tells Frost that she talked to her ex and that they decided to be friends. He accepted her apology and explanation. Allegra thanks Frost for the help. Nash shows up when Frost texted, who figured out that Nash’s advice was almost parental. She leaves it with an offer to talk. Nash goes to say something to Frost, but then she sees…Harry? Barry brings Iris a big bouquet of roses along with an apology for making Iris feel like he doubted her. Barry confesses his fear that they were growing apart. Iris reaffirms their love, saying they are each other’s lightning rods. In the mirror, however, Iris is screaming saying that it’s not her.

Bec Heim