Criminal Minds’ Matthew Gray Gubler Talks The Series Finale

Credit: CBS

It’s definitely an end of era for fans of the television procedural series, Criminal Minds.

After a strong 15 season run on CBS, Criminal Minds ends tonight (Wednesday, Feb. 19) on CBS with a two-hour series finale. Oh, we’re more than ready for everything to do with that to hurt. It’s definitely going to be hard to say goodbye to our favorite team of profilers.

TVLine spoke with Matthew Gray Gubler, who spent 15 seasons on the series as fan favorite character Dr. Spencer Reid, about the finale.

On the finale itself, Gubler said, “It’s a really beautiful ending, but they’re setting up a lot of different avenues of exploration for these heroes that we’ve come to love and have in our homes for so many years. It’s kind if interesting to see how it all will eventually shake out.”

As for looking back on himself in Criminal Minds seasons past, Gubler said, “With the show coming to an end now, I’m sort of like being inundated by friends sending me funny pictures of “the old days.” I’m the type of person who, for lack of a better term, likes making stuff so much that I never really take time to celebrate the end product, if that makes any sense. Now that the show is over, I can watch it and enjoy it, and kind of see it from a new perspective. It’s so funny to see those old episodes because they really honestly feel like we shot them last week, but then I look at how different we are, and how extra-ridiculous my hair might be.”

Gubler actually also has a pretty good attitude about Criminal Minds ending. (Hey, it’s been 15 seasons. It’s had a good run.)

“I know that everything has its time and I’m in no way sad that the show is closing, because I feel like we’ve done it beautifully, and I feel like there are roots there for it to re-hatch later.  I kind of liken it to if you go to a concert, at a certain point the band has to leave the stage in order to have an encore. It’s just the natural progression.”

Criminal Minds series finale will air tonight at 9/8c on CBS.

Bec Heim