Camrus Johnson On That Tragic Twist On Batwoman’s “Take Your Choice”

Credit: The CW

SPOILERS for Batwoman‘s “Take Your Choice”

Yesterday’s episode of Batwoman “Take Your Choice” was one of the big gut punches of the series’ first season. Like we were in tears at the end of the episode.

Beth (Rachel Skarsten) and Alice (Rachel Skarsten) were both getting increasingly ill. They were dying due to the fact that, well, they both couldn’t exist in the same point in time. Sure. We’ll go with it. Um so in order to save one of them, Mary (Nicole Kang) gave her blood which still has that mystical flower’s properties in it to Kate (Ruby Rose) to give to one of them so the other can die and one can live.

Kate chooses Beth. It doesn’t last long, however, as she is killed by Dr. Campbell (Sebastian Roche). Like sniped in the back. This is why you call the speedster or the bulletproof hero to help you out. Or make the attempt. Either way, she died in Luke’s (Camrus Johnson) arms as the episode came to a close.

Johnson talked the tragic fate of Beth with EWThis is definitely the most intense thing that happened in the series.

“The fact that Luke got to have someone die in his arms is pretty crazy to me. That’s the most emotional thing that’s happened to him this season so far, so when I saw that I freaked out. Also, the moment where [Kate] chooses Beth over Alice was heartbreaking. I think Rachel really delivered today. But yeah, when [I was done reading it], I just realized this [was] going to be one of the saddest episodes so far, if not the saddest episode so far.”

Beth’s fate is going to tie into Luke’s feelings about his father Lucius, who died before the series started.

“It’s crazy that Luke lost his father not too long ago, and he was already sort of blaming himself for that. And then now he’s got this other death where it literally happened on his watch. It was his job to get her to safety and then she died quite literally in his arms. So it’s just a whole other batch of guilt, like it’s a whole other death that happened, sort of in his mind, on his hands.”

As for if Kate will blame him? Johnson thinks it’s more complicated than that.

“And the thing about Kate is you can only imagine that she wanted to save Alice her whole life and then got a chance to see her and then saved Beth instead, and then Beth died. So then she failed both of them at the same time. So, there’s no way that she could blame Luke because that’s just double the  amount of blame for herself that she’s probably feeling.”

Batwoman airs Sundays at 8/7c on The CW.

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