Broadway’s Sing Street Releases Charming Music Video For Song “Up”

Credit: Sing Street

Sing Street is coming to Broadway in all its New Wave and 80s glory. We frankly can’t wait to see the hit take the stage on the Great White Way. What better way to bring excitement up on high then with a music video?

Now due to an embedding issue, we can’t get it working here. Luckily, EW has the video so you can check it out if you’re curious. It’s charming and nostalgic, everything you’d want from it.

They also talked with director Rebecca Taichman and book writer Enda Walsh for the upcoming stage production. Sing Street follows Connor, a teenager in 1980s Dublin, as he tries to impress a girl by forming a band and falls into friends and purpose along the way.

On bringing Sing Street from screen to stage, Taichman had to separate her love for the original movie.

“There’s a process of taking what you know works on film and turning that into a theatrical experience. How do you take something that you love so much in one form and make it soar in another form without losing the heart and soul of it as it exists in the film? My deep, deep, deep love for it is both a gift and a challenge.”

Walsh, however, was more concerned about taking a pretty tacky era and getting something poetic out of it. Walsh and Taichman decided to focus on two mediums: music videos and mixtapes to help the narrative.

“We’re not as tied down as some musicals are where the lyrics are literally moving the piece forward. In this, the energy and the expression of the song is what actually moves us forward. It feels like those tapes moving them through various atmospheres and tonalities.”

Sing Street will have previews on March 26 with an opening night set for April 19.

Bec Heim