An Experiment Goes Awry In “Grodd Friended Me” On The Flash

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Flash fans!

Things are still wild in the world of WestAllen. Iris is stuck in the mirror with no escape while Mirror Iris is running around with Barry and getting the Mirror Gun for reasons unknown. In the mirror, Iris meets Eva McCulloch, who has been stuck in there since the night the particle accelerator exploded. With over a thousand attempts to escape under her belt, Eva and Iris gave it one more shot, which fails. The failure, however, reveals that Eva has mirror meta powers, which may be their ticket out of there.

Barry and Joe, meanwhile, are investigating more into Black Hole. Joe’s found a decent amount of cases with connections to the secret syndicate. Nash is continuing to hide secrets about seeing the Force Ghost of Harry.

Meanwhile, Ralph finds Sue Dearbon, who went missing willingly for reasons unknown. She gives a story about dating an arms dealer, but reveals herself to be a thief. Instead, Sue gets Ralph’s secret identity out of him and threatens to reveal it if he tries to bring her back to her parents. Sue’s quarry, however, also bring her attention to Black Hole.

Let’s see what happens next, shall we?

Flowers: Barry brings flowers to somewhere when he gets the call for a meta attack with Kamilla and Chester there to help. Barry decides to head solo with it as Team Flash is scattered. It turns out that Hartley, Pied Piper, is now a bad guy again. It turns out there is a new history between Hartley and Team Flash, which is apparently “really bad”. Hartley also has metapowers, which Chester tracks but more post-Crisis changes make it hard for Barry to navigate the city. Barry goes to work on compiling post-Crisis changes while working on Gideon with Chester and Kamilla invading his space a little bit. Barry is feeling a bit overwhelmed by the Crisis changes, but Barry cannot even find his parents graves anymore. Kamilla realizes that Barry wants something familiar, like voices on comms. She understands, but asks Barry to take it easy on Chester, who is excited. Iris and Eva work on finding the origins of Eva’s powers. She was working on her life’s work, but Eva’s hesitant and Iris offers encouragement. Nash needs Allegra’s help to catch the particles for scientific anomalies. She also wants to know why Nash acts like he’s known her forever. This is when Sherloque Wells shows up. Allegra does as asked, but the device does not work. That’s when Allegra finds the picture of her doppelganger and Nash. She doesn’t take it well. Barry continues his work on the device, but it shocks him and leads to him waking up in a cage.

Link: Caitlin arrives with Barry stuck in the cage, but Caitlin asks like she doesn’t understand him. That’s when Thawne shows up, who calls Barry cranky. That’s when Caitlin mentions Ronnie and leaves. Mirror Iris goes to visit Joe, asking about a lead on the Black Hole story. Joe has a lead but can’t share it with Iris. Carver is under a RICO case and Joe cannot share it with Iris. Iris shouts at Joe, which surprises him. She apologizes and asks Joe out for lunch, which he agrees to. Chester is still hanging around with Frost, which is when they find Barry’s unconscious body. Caitlin asks Barry to “use his signs” and then Thawne mentions gorillas. That’s when Barry realizes he’s Grodd and that he’s in Grodd’s mindscape.

Alone: Grodd is still imprisoned in a mental coma that Barry and them in. Grodd’s pissed that Barry took his greatest asset his mind. Barry, however, thinks that Grodd got what he deserved. Grodd admitted that Barry was right and that he is sorry. Grodd has changed and wants Barry’s help with the Gatekeeper that is in his mind. He comes to Barry as the ape that he is, asking Barry to trust him, giving Barry’s his powers back and wanting his help to defeat the Gatekeeper. Barry then punches Grodd out, believing this is a trick. Frost explains to Chester and Kamilla about mindscapes and going into Barry’s mind. Frost is trying to find the guest mind in Barry’s. Nash comes for Frost’s advice and she tells him to be honest. Barry tries to get out of Grodd’s mind, which is when the Gatekeeper, Solovar, shows up.

Chat: Solovar says that he won’t even let Barry escape from Grodd’s prison, not even Barry. Barry’s body reacts to Solovar’s attack in the real world while he fights the gorilla in his mindscape. Frost realizes that Barry’s trapped in Grodd’s mind, but before long the mindscape will be overwhelmed. No matter what they do, they’re boned. Chester realizes that it’s his fault that Grodd got in Barry’s mind and leaves. Frost goes to talk with Chester, telling him that it’s a rite of passage to put Barry’s life in danger. Chester tells Frost about how people like him don’t get a second chance, but Frost admits she doesn’t know where Chester’s coming from, but she is offerrin him a second chance. Mirror Iris breaks into Joe’s office to get the files that she needs while he’s waiting at Big Belly Burger. Eva freaks out when she and Iris try to get out using her device. Iris thinks that there is another reason why they shouldn’t use the machine. Eva shows Iris that use of the machine will burn them horribly. When Barry returns, Grodd is wearing Joe’s face telling Barry about the mindscape’s imminent failure. Grodd promises that he has changed and says that maybe Crisis made him change. Grodd wants to return home to Gorilla City because he wants happiness, not power. Grodd wants to go back to the only place he ever felt happy. Barry finally believes him. He realizes that maybe he should do the same in letting go of the past as well. Barry decides that he and Grodd need to try something new in taking Solovar down: fighting together.

Friendship: Barry and Grodd have their epic team-up to get out of Grodd’s mind. Barry allows himself to become one with Grodd like Firestorm. This is wild. Solovar declares that Grodd will never leave, but Barry encourages to do it. Frost finally gets through to Barry, who gives her the skinny. If Barry and Grodd exit together, then they need to separate their minds at the exact moment. Chester, however, comes up with an idea to use Gideon to help separate Barry and Grodd’s mind at the exact moment. Barry gives an encouraging speech with Chester, but Solovar almost defeats Grodd-Barry. Barry tells Grodd to not let the best win and well run. Barry tells Frost, Kamilla, and Chester to do whatever they’re doing now as Grodd delivers the final blow to Solovar. Chester finishes just as Grodd and Barry make a run for it allowing their minds to separate at the exact moment. Barry is back whole and healthy and Chester apparently is a Raoist?

Friends: Lyla has agreed to let Grodd out on parole, which is celebrated by Barry, Frost, Chester and Kamilla. Kamilla gets a call from Cisco who is coming home. Barry apologizes to Chester for taking some family issues out on him. Kamilla told Chester about Barry’s and Chester hacked some databases, finding where Barry’s parents are buried. Barry thanks Chester for his help which is when the alarm goes off. Barry asks Chester to handle the comms for Rathaway. Iris bandages Eva’s hands, who says words are worthlessness but evidence is irrefutable. She just wanted Iris to believe her. Iris promises to help Eva when she’s feeling better. When Iris leaves to gets bandages, she drops an act. It turns out that she is controlling Mirror Iris, saying that she bought them time. Nash goes to see Allegra to tell her the truth, but then he is grabbed by Sherloque, who is Thawne.

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