4YE Celebrates Darren Criss’ 33rd Birthday With A Wishlist Of Future Musical Roles

Today marks the birthday of one of our favourite actors, Darren Criss. The star of stage and screen turns 33, and is soon due to return to the Great White Way in the David Mamet play American Buffalo. Criss is no stranger to musicals, but American Buffalo marks Criss’ first straight play.

While we can’t wait to see Criss take on a more serious role, to celebrate his birthday here is a list of musical roles we would love to see Criss take on in the future, either on Broadway or even better to make his London West End debut.

Christian – Moulin Rouge The Musical

Credit: Moulin Rouge The Musical

I mean does there need to be much said about this one. Moulin Rouge is one of Broadway’s hottest shows right now and it is set to open in London in 2021. Criss would be an amazing Christian – and we know he can sing “Come What May” perfectly (thank you Glee). When the show was first announced, our minds went straight to Criss to play the romantic dreamer. It would also allow us to finally hear Criss sing “Your Song” something we never got to see on Glee.

Huey Calhoun – Memphis the Musical

Credit: Memphis the Musical

Memphis the Musical is co-written by Bon Jovi’s David Bryan and tells the story of Huey Calhoun and his desire to bring rhythm and blues music to the masses. The musical takes the audience on a whole gamut of emotions and has one of the best songbooks in recent musicals. Huey is a real rascal with a heart and the thought of Criss singing “Music of my Soul” and “Memphis Lives in Me” is a wonderful thing. The character would also allow Criss to show off his more comedic side, and also tug on our heartstrings as the musical goes on. The Tony and Olivier Award winning show is long overdue a revival and Criss would be ideal. HOCKADOO! indeed.

Elder Price – The Book of Mormon

Credit: The Book of Mormon Broadway

Hello! This one has been on the list of roles I would love to see Criss play for the longest time. There is no doubt that Criss does play clean cut incredibly well and what’s more clean cut than a Mormon. Again we are lucky enough to have an example of how well suited Criss would be for the role, thanks to the Broadway Today concerts back in 2016.

Galileo – We Will Rock You

Credit: www.queenonline.com/wwry

The Olivier Award winning musical written by Ben Elton and featuring the music of Queen has never had an official Broadway run, but if Brian May and Roger Taylor would like to take it across to Broadway then they need look no further than Criss. Yes the plot is flimsy but by God it is an entertaining show and the new orchestrations of Queen classics are perfect. Criss would be the ideal leading man for this rock musical and he can rock the leather jacket to perfection.

Charlie Price – Kinky Boots


This final one is a real dream for me. Putting one of my all time favourite actors into one of my top 5 musicals would be a total dream come true. The Tony, Grammy, and Olivier Award winning musical has gained worldwide success. The show has captured the hearts of millions with the story of acceptance and friendship in the face of adversity. Charlie Price has his heart and vocal chords totally in the right place, and watching Criss belt out “Soul of a Man” would smash me right in the feels. And we know that Criss can handle a pair of gold boots so I am sure the thigh high red boots would be nothing. A girl can dream.

We would love to hear what roles you would love to see Darren Criss perform in. Let us know in the comments below.




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