4 Your Consideration: How Has Online Bingo Suddenly Become A Staple OF British Entertainment?

There was a time when hundreds of bingo halls across the UK could guarantee that, over the weekend, their venues would be filled with players. However, from the turn of the millennium, the land-based game was struck by problem after problem, from the tax rate to the smoking ban, with many people perceiving it as a dying game.

While it was very slow to embrace the digital world, bingo eventually transitioning to the internet has given it a new lease of life, bringing entertainment to people online and encouraging fans to return to the remaining bingo halls. Online bingo’s success seems unprecedented, given that the game was condemned a little over a decade ago. However, some key changes in the culture of Great Britain have certainly enabled the now-popular pastime to become a staple of British entertainment once again.

Embracing digital platforms

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Across all mediums of entertainment, digital platforms are taking over. People who want to listen to music, watch shows, or movies tend to go to internet-based services like Amazon Prime Video, Spotify, and Apple iTunes. Now, it’s understood by everyone that you can get all of the usual lines of entertainment at your convenience online.

With this sentiment now embedded in UK society, more people are exploring the possibility of other forms of entertainment online, with online bingo being one such benefactor of this movement. Bingo is very much back, but due to the weather conditions of the UK winter, many people don’t want to venture out to play the game.

So, at their convenience, they opt for the comfort of playing in their own home online. It is because so much of the entertainment industry has moved online that people automatically go to their web browsers to find the likes of bingo when they want to be entertained.

The gaming revolution

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The UK games market has exploded in recent years, going from a niche entertainment medium to a mainstream pastime enjoyed by millions. With 18-rated games like Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Red Dead Redemption 2 leading the way, gaming accounted for 51.3 percent of the total UK entertainment market as of early 2019.

People in the UK have now adopted gaming as a viable form of entertainment, which has greatly been helped by the accessibility and availability of mobile gaming apps. With everyone playing games on consoles, computers, and phones, anyone who wants to try or play online bingo is happy to do so, as digital gaming has gone mainstream and is no-longer sullied by stigma.

A key feature of the modern gaming scene, that has allowed for such a bump in popularity, is the high-quality and range of products on offer. The online bingo brand Paddy Power, for example, recognised this as key to the success of a gaming platform. So, it filled its virtual hall with multiple themed rooms, from the Topaz Room to the Gold Room, to the Deal or No Deal Room, as well as other games, such as Housey, Beez Knees, roulette, and Clover Rollover.

Changes to British culture saw the public continue to embrace digital platforms and gaming, and online bingo has risen, once again, as a staple of British entertainment.

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