Zoe Kravitz Is Ready To Combat Heartbreak In Hulu’s High Fidelity Trailer

With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching, it’s only natural that we reflect on our relationships or lack of therefore. That’s definitely part of the premise of High Fidelity. The novel by Nick Hornby was released in 1995 followed by a 2000 film with John Cusack and Jack Black. It was even a musical, yes seriously.

Now Zoe Kravitz steps in as protagonist Rob, a sarcastic and cynical record store owner who deals with heartbreak by making Top Five lists. Now she’s going back in time to see her “top-five, all-time, desert island heartbreaks” in order to figure out how to stop the cycle that ends up with her alone.

At the TCA winter press, Hulu released the new trailer (see above) for the series, which will be released on Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14).

Revealed as well is that Kravitz’s Rob will be either bisexual or pansexual as she has past relationships with women or men.

Said producer Veronica West on what they wanted to keep the same and change, “The main things we wanted to keep were the core conflict of the central character who at once is the hopeful romantic, and the same time a total cynic. That seems really universal even though they’re classically male characteristics. So the core characteristics, the DNA of the source material with the top five lists and the obsession of music and stuff like that, those are the things that really define the link to the other properties. But the story of the show is new and different. We don’t want it to be predictable. We don’t want people to watch the show and know exactly what’s going to happen. It’s not the love story between just two people.”

High Fidelity will be released on Friday, Feb. 14 on Hulu.

Bec Heim