Winston Duke And Mark Wahlberg Are Unlikely Roomies In Trailer For Netflix’s Spenser Confidential

Winston Duke and Mark Wahlberg make an interesting duo in the trailer for Spenser Confidential. 

Spenser (Wahlberg) plays a former cop who was framed and thrown in jail. After serving his sentence, Spenser is welcomed on the outside by his old boxing coach (Alan Arkin). He’s rooming with the coach’s up-and-comer, Hawk (Winston Duke).

When two of Spenser’s former colleagues turn up dead, Spenser and Hawk along with Spenser’s ex (Iliza Shlesinger) have to team up and help him bring people to justice. You can expect that there will be something absolutely wild along the way.

Duke and Wahlberg may make an unlikely, but their chemistry is pretty hilarious. Listen, we’ll watch anything with Duke in it.

Spenser Confidential will be out on Netflix on March 6.

Bec Heim