Winn Comes “Back From The Future” In This Week’s Supergirl

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Supergirl fans!

Okay, we’re starting to get a better picture of the post-Crisis landscape. Oh boy, it’s definitely a doozy. Doppelgangers from destroyed universes are appearing in National City (and the rest of Earth-Prime). We met four of Brainy’s alternate selves and one is a murderer. We also learned the dots on Brainy’s head are personality inhibitors to stop him from connecting with the Coulan hive mind, The Big Brain. With them removed, Brainy is able to stop his evil self and two of his other selves elected to join the Big Brain.

One, the long female version of Brainy, told him to stop Leviathan, he would have to join up with Lex Luthor and push away those he loves. So Brainy and Nia have broken-up. Again. Kara and Alex have agreed to a temporary ceasefire with Lex and the other Luthors. And a new doppelganger has shown up, Winn Schott aka the Toyman.

Yikes. Let’s see what happens next, shall we?

Tracker: Brainy tracks the prison transport bus which is housing Toyman!Winn. He plans on helping him escape. Oh Brainy, baby. Kara, Kelly, Alex, and Nia are having a commiseration together over Nia’s break-up. Nia is trying to be understanding. There’s also Lex to contend with, who is meeting with Toyman!Winn. Lex wants Toyman!Winn to think bigger than his father. Lex wants Toyman!Winn to do what he does best, but be better than his father. Lena, meanwhile, is pissed off about Lex leaving her alone (Q waves have shifted on Earth-Prime). Lena learns that Brainy is working with Lex, but he promises Lena that no one will be harmed. Lex wants Lena to talk with Andrea and promises her a source of Q waves. At National City Toy Con, Kara and William go to interview Lex and oh there’s so much tension. William is harassing Lex on what happened to his friend. Bro, chill. Lex pulls Kara aside to talk, threatening William and forcing her to destroy the tape recorder. Alex calls Kara telling her that there is a sniper at the convention along with Toyman bombs. Kara stops the explosion. With them distracted, Toyman!Winn takes a shot. Kara goes to fight him but…Winn appears! Winn wants to know where Toyman!Winn is because he’s saving his future. Kara goes after, but he gets away.

Found: Winn is freaking out because Toyman!Winn is on the loose and he had to catch him before Toyman!Winn hurts someone. Otherwise Winn’s life is over. Brainy said that Winn was supposed to catch him. Winn also has a wife and a daughter! If Winn gets put in jail or worse, then the timeline will go boom! Brainy has to hide that he freed Toyman!Winn. Lena goes to see Andrea to apologize, telling her that she knows about Leviathan. Andrea says that Leviathan never came for her (ummmmm timeline change or a lie?). Lena calls Lex, telling her that Leviathan hasn’t activated Andrea yet on this Earth. Alex, Kara, and Winn show up at J’onn’s office where he has made a secret meeting place away from Lex. J’onn and Winn hug each other. J’onn proudly shows off The Tower and restores Winn’s pre-Crisis memories. Poor Winn freaks out. Brainy tells Lex how to get on the Legion ship and where it is, but Lex won’t help recapture Toyman!Winn. He wants a million followers in exchange for a big fireworks display. Winn’s future, meanwhile, changes. If the doppelganger wins, then he’s dead.

Anonymity: Winn is having issues keeping history stuff to himself as Kara and Alex get used to the new Watchtower. J’onn goes to sweep the city. Brainy is still acting off around them and now knows about the Tower. (Which means Lex will soon now about it.) Maybe Alex is realizing something is off? Andrea calls William and Kara in for a meeting. Kara is trying to have William be careful here. She wants William to cover an award she is accepting on her father’s behalf, she wants to use it to profile her family and announced the next plan for her VR tech. Andrea wants Kara to do an exclusive on Winn as she knew him. Kara refuses and William backs her up, but Andrea doesn’t care. (Ugh, Andrea.)

Awe: Kara brings Nia to the Tower and Winn freaks out meeting her. It turns out Nia’s descendant and Winn are besties in the future. So cute! They have Nia use her powers to track Toyman!Winn. In her vision she sees Brainy, but he turns into a white tiger with blue eyes. Nia goes off and Winn goes to talk with her. Winn said that Nia’s descendant how to interpret dreams. Winn tells Nia to never let anyone make her question her own worth, some advice courtesy of her descendant. Kara goes to see Winn as Nia heads inside to try again. Kara and Winn talk a little bit about Lex and William. Winn tells her that people get in danger the closer they get to her, but she always tries to protect them. Winn tells Kara that her orbit is inspiring and gets inspired by it. It leads them to Toyman!Winn’s little workshop. They figure out that Toyman!Winn is going to attack Andrea at National City University (home of the Tigers).

Tiger: Lex heads in the Legion ship that’s being held in Fort Harrison. While there he gets information on Leviathan, finding a portrait of Gamemnae and figures out where he knows her from. Andrea pitches her next level VR to the crowd rather than just accepting the award. Ugh. Toyman!Winn sets a couple of evil giant toy tigers to go after the crowd and kill Andrea. Nia, Winn, Alex, and Brainy show up. Winn sees that Brainy is feeling guilty as they fight the tigers. Nia goes to fight the Tigers with the others while Winn goes after Toyman!Winn. They get into a standoff. Toyman!Winn declares that “Toyman is eternal” and drops the dead man’s switch. Kara goes to save everyone in the building from the bomb while Winn uses his Legion ring to protect himself.

Recover: No civilian casualties have happened as a result of the attack. Winn’s future is restored! Kara is worried about William’s safety, but he didn’t go to cover Andrea’s announcement. Kara meets William, who approaches working together. William agrees with her and shows her some pictures of the hangar Lex went to. Kara invites William to game night because good food. Winn goes to see Brainy, realizing something is going on. Brainy confesses to Winn about his deceit. He doesn’t know if he can control Lex in order to protect the future from Leviathan. He’s also terrified that he’s becoming the bad guy. Winn is pissed but says he doesn’t hate Brainy. Winn promises to keep Brainy’s secret, who refuses to go to Game Night. Lex brings Lena the memory box from the Legion ship. It runs on Q waves, which as Lex promised. William joins Game Night and so does Winn as “Artie”. The DEO locks up the last of Toyman’s evidence, but…a case opens with Toyman!Winn declaring “Let’s play to win!”


Supergirl returns on Sunday, Feb 16. See you then!

Bec Heim