The Flash, Supergirl, Riverdale, Nancy Drew Are Amongst The Whooping 13 Series Renewals For The CW

The CW isn’t really a network that is quick to put shows on the chopping block. Generally, if a series survives one season the network, then it’s going to stick around for awhile. In addition, The CW also doesn’t really drag out too much renewal drama. The network renews their shows early.

Part of it comes from the renewed commitment to make interesting content the year ’round. Mostly, the network knows show loyalty, stable ratings, international appeal, and multi-platform streaming. It’s dedicated to a different audience then say ABC or CBS.

The fact that The CW has renewed 13 of its series isn’t that big of a surprise. It’s good for fans, who don’t have to fret over whether their beloved series is on the chopping block or not.

So what shows have scored the renewals? Well all the superhero series netted a renewal. We’ll be seeing The Flash for season seven, Supergirl for season six, Legends of Tomorrow for season six, Black Lightning for season four, and Batwoman for season two. Sophomore series All American, Charmed, Legacies, and Roswell, New Mexico are returning for their third seasons. Freshman series Nancy Drew scored a sophomore season. Even Dynasty got renewed and their ratings are…wow. It’s amazing it got a season four.

The CW is also doubling down the Archieverse with Riverdale getting a season five and Katy Keene scoring an order of 13 more episode scripts.

The reason for the early renewal? According to The CW President Mark Pedowitz in a statement, they wanted the production staff to have a jump on planning their next seasons and get started on hiring staff. (TVLine speculates this is also to get any planning done incase of a writers strike in the Spring.)

“These early orders for next season give our production teams a head start in plotting out story arcs and a jump on hiring staff, and this also provides us with a strong foundation of established, fan-favorite CW shows to build on for next season. We’ve been thrilled with the creative direction of all three new series, and even though we are in the very early stages of our new full stack streaming strategy, which allows viewers to catch up on our new shows from the beginning, we’re already seeing incredibly positive results from our multiplatform viewership for Nancy Drew and Batwoman.”

That’s not even getting into the pilot orders for The CW, which we’ll get a better look at series pick-ups closer to the May Upfronts.

Either way, it’s good news for fans who are all taking a collective breath of relief at their favorite shows scoring renewals.

Bec Heim