Netflix’s Locke And Key Releases New Teaser

Credit: Netflix

Netflix’s released a new teaser for their long-awaited adaptation of the popular graphic novel series Locke & Key. Actually, given all the mini-teasers, we won’t be surprised if a full-length trailer will drop in the very near future.

The series hails from writer Joe Hill and artist Gabriel Rodriguez, who constructed an elaborate world. Basically, there’s a house on top of a hell dimension with magical keys that keep things locked away in said hell dimension. After their father is murdered under mysterious circumstances, the three Locke siblings returned to their home and unravel the secret surrounding the keys.

Unfortunately, this also awakens a demon, who will stop at nothing to steal the keys.

The teaser released only says, “The most painful memories are the ones we bury.”

There have been other teasers as well in recent days.

One shows someone setting a bear trap.

And the other says that “There are keys all around you, if you listen hard enough…”

We’re pretty sure all these mini-teasers are leading up to a trailer release in the very near future. After all, Locke & Key will be released on Netflix on Feb. 7.

Bec Heim