Kara Struggles To Adjust To Her Post-Crisis Reality In “The Bottle Episode” On Supergirl

Credit: The CW

Welcome to the post-Crisis Supergirl, everyone!

Oh boy. Things definite are FUBAR in Kara’s world right now. Following seeing Argo destroyed followed by Earth-38 and then the multiverse at large and seeing an alt-version of her cousin die in her arms, Kara is on Earth-Prime with the other heroes. Also on Earth-Prime? Beloved icon Lex Luthor who won the freaking Nobel Peace Prize. ON TOP OF THAT: Lex owns the DEO. Kara is in Hell right now and, if anyone deserves therapy and a vacation following Crisis, our money is on Kara Danvers getting it.

So we don’t know how much of Kara’s timeline is intact following Crisis, but here’s where we left off following “The Wrath of Rama Khan”. Rama Khan has been replaced as leader of Leviathan by Gamemnae by the mysterious boss that outranks them both. Andrea has rebelled against Leviathan. Lena tried to launch Project Non Nocere, but it failed. Subsequently, Hope, pretending to be Eve Tessmacher, was arrested.

Things weren’t going that great even before Crisis happened. So let’s see what’s going on this week, shall we?

New Quo: We see a commercial for the DEO, a subsidiary of Luthor Corp. Kara feels so disgusted by everything, eating the donut. J’onn cannot restore the whole worlds’ memories. Everyone in the whole world is on the Luthor train right now. Kara wants to talk with Lena, but Alex thinks Lena having her memories is not the good thing. Kara owes it to Lena to tell her the truth. Lena, meanwhile, wakes up to Lex and the feeling of unreality. She remembers everything from pre-Crisis. (How?) He gives her the condensed version. Apparently, the Monitor promised Lex Lena would make it through the Crisis with her memories intact. Lex says that Kara will never see things her way and that the world is theirs now. He offers to be Lena’s partner. Lena tells Lex about Leviathan, who has no clue what the hell Leviathan is. Brainy and Nia have a romantic walk together. They run in to… Brainac-5. Oh dear. Kara goes to see Lena, who tells Kara that she already knows. Kara wants to work with Lena. She doesn’t try to talk Lena out of working with Lex, only asking that Lena be careful. Brainy brings in Brainiac-5 when Lady Brainy shows up and emo Brainy goes. Another Brainac-5 shows up with a doom warning and dies… Huh.

Division: Alex shows Kara the four Brainiac-5s. Well the four living ones. According to Lady Brainy, it’s the Anti-Life Equation. Brainy has to break it to his counterpart that the multiverse is largely dead. Lex calls Alex and Kara in to chat. He wants peace and Kara is not having it. Lex says that they can keep an eye on each other and keep Leviathan at bay. Lex said that if Kara choose peace than he will join her at the Man of Tomorrow ceremony. Andrea gives a speech to the others of Obsidian North when Gamemnae shows up in her guise as Gemma Cooper. Emo Brainy has an attack of some sort and Brainiac-5 restores him. They need to go to the nexus point at Al’s Bar. The other Brainys don’t think that Brainy is them, but… It turns out Al’s Bar is something of a doppelganger nexus point. Kara and Brainy run into the Witches of Yuda Kal from another Earth, who are tourists that run a side hustle. Everyone in the bar comes from a world that was destroyed. Brainiac-5 thinks that what happened to them all in Al’s Bar is a miracle.

Foundations: Lillian is also alive and running the Luthor Foundation. She doesn’t remember everything, but Lillian tells Lena that Kara will hurt her all over again. She tells Lena that partnering with Lex will not risk her emotions. Alex and J’onn also have a talk about the post-Crisis status quo. She wants to leave, but can’t. J’onn tells Alex that the only thing she can do is listen to the truth inside of her. Lady Brainy heads inside Lex’s conference room to see what he was working on. It turns out that he’s been deep into Leviathan, especially Rama Khan. Lady Brainy goes to see Brainy, who tells about wearing the personality inhibitors. He wears the inhibitors to protect those around him. Lady Brainy tells Brainy that there are people who love him, but he will not stop them. Nia finds Emo Brainy, offering him lunch. He has a canister with a planet inside of it, asking to be alone. She remembers something about a bottle and lights up. Emo Brainy unveils that he was just acting saying that the bottle contains his Earth. Nia tries to take the bottle away, unveiling that he killed the dead Brainy. Nia calls out for Brainy and he and Kara to go her. Kara scares away Emo Brainy while Brainy goes to Nia.

Inhibitors: Lady Brainy says that Emo Brainy has tapped into their ancestors by bottling and Brainy’s personality inhibitors to confuse the Big Brain. Andrea shows “Gemma” her latest advancements in the tech. “Gemma” tells her that maybe Obsidian should be in every household rather than vice versa. She wants to let people live their dream lives in a collective of a true virtual world. (Is this an evil version of “San Junipero”?) Kara goes to find Brainy, who shares with Kara about seeing the snow for the first time. His mother saw how much he loved the snow and that his mother bottled the entire planet. His father unbottled it and it made Brainy angry that his father took away his planet. He was scared that Brainy would become his mother and placed three personality inhibitors. He is not fully calibrated with the Big Brain, but Brainy is terrified to take them off. Kara tells Brainy that he is loved and that the people who love him will always love him. They figure out where Emo Brainy is heading, but Brainy doesn’t want the other Brainys to know. Instead, he and Kara go solo to Al’s Bar.

Wait: Nia, Kara, and Brainy head to Al’s Bar where the Witches of Yuda Kal are working to free their Earth. Nia and Kara take on the witches while Brainy fights Emo Brainy. Emo Brainy cracks one of Brainy’s inhibitors, leading him to declare that it’s all his fault. Nia tells Brainy that it’s okay, saying they can take him off. Nia tells Brainy that she loves him, which leads to him take the inhibitors off. It turns his green and gives him access to the Big Brain and his full powers. Kara reaches out to Emo Brainy, saying she knows what he’s going through. Brainy reaches out to his counterpart, saying that his choices don’t have to define him. Kara offers her help. The Witches of Yuda Kal are all on the side of good again, offering to wait with Emo Brainy until the day they can open the bottle. Brainy puts Emo Brainy and the witches into the bottle.

Safety: Brainy goes to see Brainiac-5 and Lady Brainy at the bar. They have decided to give themselves over to the Big Brain, existing inside of it. Brainy thanks them both for everything. They both place their life projectors on. Lady Brainy tells Brainy that she’s been tracking Lex’s every move. Lady Brainy tells Brainy that they need to work with Lex Luthor. It endangered the entire world and she promises to show him all her mistakes so he may learn from them. Lady Brainy tells Brainy that he needs to give up everything and everyone he holds dear until the world has been saved. She promises him that he will never truly be alone that she will be with him. Lex goes to see Lena. He says that his death changed him and made him want to be a true partner. Lex presents her with the Truth Seeker, but Lena likes what she hears. Lex tells her that he doesn’t want to be alone anymore and they seal their partnership. Brainy goes to visit Nia where he breaks up with her. Kara goes to see William at the ceremony. William is supes suspicious of Lex, but his suspicions of Russell’s death goes to Lex. He asks for Kara’s help. Lillian wants to be Lex’s partner in this world. Brainy goes to see Lex, offering his help to defeat Leviathan. He tells Brainy that a doppelganger came through the wormhole and has been arrested: Winn Schott Jr, aka the Toyman.

Bec Heim