“He Saved The City”: Arrow Concludes 8-Year Run With “Fadeout”

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Eight years ago, Arrow aired its very first episode and kicked off the Arrowverse, which would go on to become a whole new era of superhero television. Last night, the series aired its last episode, and it was certainly one for books. Did you have your tissues at the ready?

The series finale, titled “Fadeout”, picked up directly following the events of Crisis and saw many familiar faces return to Star City for Oliver’s funeral.

Initially following the format of the documentary that Arrow introduced in its 150thepisode, Emerald Archer, the fictional camera crew follows Oliver’s friends and family as they try and cope with this incomparable loss. They all attribute the new, safer Star City to Oliver’s actions and honor the ultimate sacrifice he has made.

Amongst those paying their final respects were current as well as former Team Arrow members, friends, and family members: Felicity Smoak, John Diggle, Lyla Michaels, Laurel Lance, Rene Ramirez, Dinah Drake, Roy Harper, Thea Queen, Rory Regan, Curtis Holt, Nyssa and Talia al Ghul, Anatoly Knyazev, Emiko Adachi, Barry Allen, Kara Zor-El, and Sara Lance (who also picks up 2040 Mia Queen on her way).

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The episode further revealed that in the new universe created after the cCisis, several of Oliver’s closest friends and family have yet to face death. Quentin Lance, Moira Queen and Tommy Merlyn are also in attendance at Oliver’s funeral, alive and well, even though they did face their own tragedies.

Tommy’s wife, the Laurel of Earth-1, was killed, and even the Crisis did not bring her back. Robert Queen also did not survive the sinking of the Gambit. Both events had a direct effect on Oliver’s journey and were necessary for him to become the man and hero he was.

The series finale also paid homage to Arrow’s flashbacks, which continuously provided a red herring throughout the series, intertwining past and present. Due to Crisis, a few things in the past have changed.

One particular storyline the flashbacks picked up was between Oliver and John. In the beginning of their partnership, John often questioned Oliver’s fatal methods of going after the names on his list, which culminate in the hunt of John Byrne, a CEO turned human trafficker.

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While Oliver in the past goes after Byrne, the man returns in the present to kidnap young William. Mia, immediately concerned and reminded of the kidnapping of her older brother in 2040 jumps at the chance to save him, donning her father’s leathers. Her appearance sparks stories of Oliver Queen’s legacy and the inspiration the hero was to the citizen of Star City.

Finally, we get a glimpse of what the future might hold for some of our heroes. Dinah moves on to another city she can help save. Rene takes over as major. Mia returns to 2040, likely to fight crime alongside the (definitely not straight) canaries. John Diggle witnesses a meteorite crashing, which reveals a small jewellery box holding a luminous green ring … and Felicity? She finally finds her peace as she follows the Monitor into the afterlife and reunites with Oliver. Forever.

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To finish this off, please find a summary of series finale highlights below, or, as the kids call it, scenes that gave us all the feels:

  • We were also given the first and only interaction we will ever be able to witness between Tommy and Felicity, two people that were so, so important to Olive. It was too short … we were truly robbed.
  • “Sweetheart, there is nothing about you that needed to be fixed.”
  • Roy and Thea’s reunion was sickingly sweet – even though a marriage proposal seems like the easy way out
  • Nyssa still considers Sara her beloved. Let that sink in.
  • We appreciate all interactions between 2020 Felicity and 2040 Mia, which are too precious and pure for words
  • John Diggle on the salmon ladder
  • When John, Rene and Dinah shut off the lights in the foundry it truly felt like an end
  • That final scene. Everything about it. The pen, the ponytail, the photo, the call back to the first time Oliver saw her. Absolutely everything.

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