Grace and Frankie are Facing the Sharks in New Trailer

Credit: Netflix/Ali Goldstein

It is always quite surprising how quickly a year has passed by again and in this case, another decade is over once more. But with a new year, there is also a ton of new shows that are getting released, as well as old shows that return in the coming weeks or months.

One of those shows is Grace and Frankie and Netflix has made the start of the new decade a bit sweeter by treating us with a brand new trailer for season six of its popular show.

We all know that over the past seasons, Grace and Frankie have done a lot of crazy shit together and apart. One of them being Grace getting married to Nick, with which season five ended. Of course, this is not going to stop in the new season, which becomes quite clear in the new trailer.

Though, first things first: the family has to know about the latest crazy thing Grace has done and the news is not any easier for them when Frankie blasts it out. (Though, it is quite funny to watch).

Grace’s new marriage is not the only change the two ladies have to get used to in the upcoming season. Obviously, Grace has to get used to living with Nick every day, as well as apparently being the new wife number three?! Nick better explains this to us early on in the new season!

Frankie, however, has to get used to living alone again and not telling Grace that she thinks Grace has made a terrible mistake by marrying Nick. As we know Frankie, she obviously does so very gracefully and maturely.

But let’s talk about the crazy shit Grace and Frankie are up to in season six: They may not be living together anymore, but that does not mean they are not working together anymore! The duo came up with a great new business idea: The Rise Up! crowd noise

An idea Frankie came up with when Grace could not get up from the toilet (and couch) and did not want her new husband to know about. The age difference still seems to have a strong hold on her…
Frankie knows, though, that it is a problem most senior people have to deal with on a daily basis (and honestly, I don’t think it’s such a bad idea either). They are so convinced of their idea that they are even facing the sharks in Shark Tank!

Thankfully, we do not have to wait a long time to see where they are going with their new idea, as Grace and Frankie returns January 15 on Netflix.

Anna Hattingen