“Crisis on Infinite Earths” Part 4 Sees the Rebirth of the Universe

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Here it is folks, we have reached the final two parts of the big DCTV universe crossover “Crisis on Infinite Earths”. Part four of the spectacle also marks Arrow’s penultimate episode of a series, so this was sure to be a doozy.

To briefly recap, Crisis has seen the erasure of all alternate earths and universes, and finally culminated in Oliver’s death, just as the Monitor’s prophecies predicted. Despite his friends’ efforts to resurrect Oliver with the help of the Lazarus pit and John Constantine’s powers to restore his soul, the man comes face to face with Jim Corrigan, better known as the Spectre.

The final earth (Earth 1) has now been destroyed and our heroes (and Lex Luthor) have been banished to the vanishing point. Months have passed without the Paragons making any progress of reversing the Anti-Monitors actions, when Barry reappears, claiming he had only been gone for seconds running through the Speed Force in hopes of finding answers.

In the opening flashback of the episode we learn that the Monitor was originally Mar Novu’s wife, while the man himself aimed to time travel to the Dawn of Time, accidently creating the Anti-Monitor in the process.

Meanwhile Oliver has clearly undergone some soul-searching with Spectre, somehow taking on his powers and becoming an otherworldly being or ghost. Oliver revisites all of his major battles (with the likes of Malcolm Merlyn, Raz al Ghul, and Damien Darhk) and reminds us of all those times he came out on top. Deeming this enough, Jim Corrigan sends Oliver off to collect the Paragons and ready them for the final fight against the Anti-Monitor and his army of dementors.

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Kara, Lex and Ryan are sent back in time to the Anti-Monitors origin, and despite a few set-backs and back-stabbings from Lex they are ultimately able to stop Mar Novu from traveling to the Dawn of Time. Unfortunately, their mission is without fruition as there will always be a version of Mar Novu within the multiverse that is due to make the journey.

Oliver sends Barry a trip through the Speed Force to collect the remaining heroes, where he revisit some of his own memories highlighting key moments within the DCTV universe over the past eight years. Oliver claims that there are “few things more powerful as memory and connection”.

While Kate witnesses a tense moment between Oliver and Ray, Barry faces Oliver at Queen Consolidated, where they both met five years ago, stumbles upon Laurel and John immediately after Sara’s death five years ago, and speaks to Oliver after the fallout of the “Elsewords” crossover, learning that he gave his own life to save Kara and Barry.

The biggest highlight of this sequence is undoubtedly Barry coming face to face with yet another version of The Flash – Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen as featured in the DC Comics cinematic universe. While it’s a nice nod to the movie franchise, the meeting unfortunately adds no real storytelling value.

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After the heroes have been reassembled, the complete team travels to the Dawn of Time to face the Anti-Monitor. It is an ambitious, special-effects-heavy battle scene that sees every member of the squad hold their own against Mar Novu’s ghosts.

Oliver and his Spectre powers are the ones to go head to head with Mar Novu himself. Realising that they won’t be able to win the fight without making use of their paragon powers, Kara leads the team into using the Book of Destiny to amplify Oliver’s powers and finally defeat the Anti-Monitor, which kicks off the new birth of the universe.

In the final and achingly emotional scene of hour four of “Crisis” we see Oliver take his last breath, coming to terms with his destiny.

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The series finale of Arrow airs Tuesday, January 28 at 9/8 ct on The CW.

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