“Crisis On Infinite Earths” Comes To An End And Nothing Will Ever Be The Same

Welcome to the conclusion of Crisis on Infinite Earths. Now as “Part 4” aired directly before “Part 5”, we won’t summarize what previously happened. Instead please check out the “Part 4” recap to refresh yourselves.

With that out of the way, let’s see how the Arrowverse has changed once and for all with the end of Crisis on Infinite Earths.

“To fight the unthinkable, you have to be willing to do the unthinkable.” – Sara Lance (Legends of Tomorrow)

Kara wakes up on her couch upset and fighting. She almost takes out Alex with her heat vision, but Alex has no idea what Kara is talking about. Alex makes sure that Kara is okay before going to join Kelly. Kara tells her sister that she loves her before getting a call from Nia. Kara needs to go cover the Nobel Peace Prize to… Lex Luthor. Nia says that he “actually deserves it”.

So yeah. Things aren’t right.

Lex gives his speech declaring that he “stands with mankind”. Lex is also Kara’s boss at the DEO and the number one supporter of Supergirl. J’onn tells Kara that things have changed and need to reveal themselves over time. Barry arrives to defeat Kara’s bad guy, who is his bad guy Weather Witch. They are confused as to why they are on the same Earth.

A fan comes up for an autograph, revealing that they have been working together “since forever”. Barry and Kara share a look at that.

“This is sacred, and it can’t be changed to suit any one person’s desire without harming the lives of countless others.”

In Central City, a couple of guys find a de-Pariah’d Nash Wells.

Sara, meanwhile, roams the streets of Star City in a daze, getting flashes of something. She goes to meet Ray, giving him a hug. J’onn shows up to tell Sara what happened, telling her what went down. Ray gets all his memories back courtesy of J’onn. He’s been going around to restore the memories of the others as best he could. He hasn’t seen any sign of Oliver so Sara goes to take care of it.

She heads to the Arrowcave where she finds Diggle, Rene, and Dinah. She confirms what J’onn restored. Digg says he failed Oliver and blames himself for not being there at the end. Felicity ran a global search and she couldn’t find Oliver. Sara insists that Oliver being the Spectre may have messed things, but Digg says that Oliver is gone.

Digg hugs Sara and she cries in his arms.

In Central City, Caitlin checks over Nash Wells at STAR Labs. J’onn restores Caitlin’s memory, who realizes what Nash had done. Nash has no memory of what happened and has no clue why J’onn is yelling at him. J’onn forcefully restores Nash’s memory.

Nash asks J’onn if they fixed it, he says not entirely.

In Star City, Kara and Barry check in on the Arrowcave. It’s confirmed that Oliver didn’t make it by Team Arrow. Kara wonders why Oliver didn’t give himself a fresh start along with everyone else.

The team gets the notice that something is attacking.

It’s a giant Beebo, a giant Beebo is attacking.

“Our friends and family, they don’t make us weaker, they make us stronger.”

Beebo continues its trek down the street. Sara contacts Ava and Nate to ask about the totems and why giant Beebo is going down. Mick, however, is doing a book signing at the same time as the Beebo rampage.

Ray, Kara, and Barry go to meet Beebo with Ray taking a selfie to send to Nate. Sara and Ray go to keep Beebo contained while Barry uses cables to tie Beebo up. Mick decides to take revenge as well. The wire just goes through Beebo.

Kate shows up to Kara’s delight as well. It turns out that Beebo is magic to keep the heroes distracted from a bank robbery in progress. Sara knocks the guy out after declaring Beebo off limits.

Nash Wells warns everyone that there is a massive surge of antimatter happening in Star City. Instead, whatever is happening with the anti-matter is “just beginning”.

“If you want to harness your power, you need to learn to control your fear.”

Nash Wells declares that “something’s not right” and their fight isn’t done yet. Or worse, it could be starting all over again. Barry goes to join Sara outside, saying that he got a little worried.

Sara reminisces about everything she’s been through in her life, declaring that she’s still a “sore loser”. Barry said that Oliver’s sacrifice made the world different, but safe. Oliver was the last tether to Sara’s old life. Now she feels without a connection in the new world now. Barry offers his own perspective as someone familiar with the loss of loved ones. Family is the people that you find.

A shadow demon then appears to attack Barry and Sara, stopping the warm and fuzzies. J’onn says that they are hunting the Paragons, including Ryan who is trying to protect his baby girl. Sara shows up to save the day.

They think that Oliver’s sacrifice didn’t kill the Anti-Monitor. Ryan and Ray come up with a chain reaction idea to keep the Anti-Monitor shrinking forever and stuck in the newly dubbed “micro-verse”. Ray and Ryan are put to work with Mick guarding them. The other heroes are called to “go down fighting” against the shadow demons.

(Money is on Lex doing it.)

“If we have the power to change the world, don’t you think we have the power to change our own fate?”

The shadow demons are descending with Rene, Nia, Digg, J’onn, Alex, Kate, Kara, and Clark attacking. The shadow demons disperse and become the Anti-Monitor. Ray, Ryan, and Nash get to work using depleted Promethium.

With shadow demons descending on STAR Labs, Frost and Mick go to take them down. Jefferson shows up (is he on this Earth now too?) to take them out.

Sara declares that they’re going to do this for Oliver. The heroes try their best to take out the Anti-Monitor, but he also has some sort of force field stopping all their attacks.

The Anti-Monitor becomes Giant Anti-Monitor declaring that the “age of heroes ends now”. Kara, J’onn, and Clark take the air to wail on the Giant Anti-Monitor.

Barry goes to STAR Labs to help Ray, Ryan, and Nash with the construction of the shrink bomb. Jefferson, Caitlin, and Mick take out shadow demons. Barry assembles the bomb, learns how to work it, and grabs Ray.

Clark is also taken out by the Giant Anti-Monitor while the others take out shadow demons. Ray heads to join Kara. Kara flies at the Anti-Monitor with all her rage and frustration but Ray arrives. He saves Clark by shrinking him. Ray gives Kara the shrink bomb which strikes true and takes out the Anti-Monitor the way of Yellowjacket.

Sara looks around and thanks Oliver.

“We all have regrets. But we can’t undo the things we’ve done.”

The President gives a speech about the attack by the Anti-Monitor. It’s revealed that J.J. also has a sister in little Sara. Awwww.

Kate is having a girls night with Alex and Kara! Clark flies home to Lois, who is talking about “the boys”. Apparently, Clark has two sons now.

Everyone watches as the President talks about Oliver dying with honor, asking for a moment of silence for his sacrifice.

Oliver talks about the creation of the multiverse. We see Stargirl, Doom Patrol, Superman, Titans, Swamp Thing, and more.

The Earth is now Earth Prime where a lot of the heroes (Kate, Kara, Sara, J’onn, Jefferson, and Clark) gather to pay their respects to Oliver. Kara, Barry, and Sara say their final respects and Kara lights an eternal flame for Oliver.

Jefferson said he never met Oliver, but that he must have been a good dude. He asks why they’re choosing a condemned building.

Barry declares that this will be their own secret gathering spot, unveiling the table of the Justice League. Sara declares it “perfect” with a tribute to Oliver at the table.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Legends without a reference to Gleek, who was super-powered monkey.

Bec Heim