Batwoman Showrunner Breaks Down The Ending Of “How Queer Everything Is Today!”

Credit: The CW

Kate Kane (Ruby Rose) has come out on Batwoman. Again.

Okay, Kate has always been out on Batwoman. On Sunday, Jan 19’s return episode “How Queer Everything Is Today!”, Kate as Batwoman came out as gay (through an article written by Kara Danvers [Melissa Benoist], no less!). This followed people shipping Batwoman and a Gotham PD officer. Kate wrestled with staying in the closet as Batwoman or being out and giving another vital piece of her private identity.

When Kate met outed against her will teen hacker, Parker (Malia Pyles), she realized that she needs to give LGBT+ heroes like them. So Batwoman is also out and proud as a lesbian.

Showrunner Caroline Dries said the storyline was an important follow up post-Crisis and to Batwoman‘s season as a whole.

In an interview with Autostraddle, she said,

“When I first signed on to do Batwoman, I was thinking about how this is a show about a woman who is super strong, super confident, and very comfortable with who she is as a lesbian. She’s a badass and she can fight people and she’s tough and she’s vulnerable and has a big heart — and then she goes and puts on a costume and hides all of those characteristics. She becomes a different person, essentially, and it’s still strong and badass, but she has now hidden all of the things that make Kate Kate. That narrative doesn’t quite work for me, and so I thought, well, if it’s not working for me, maybe it’s not working for Kate either. Kate is comfortable with who she is, and when she’s suited up, all she does is lie all day. And she’s not a liar”

Dries continued with how Kate’s experiences through Crisis led to this decision.

“She’s just been told [on “Crisis on Infinite Earths”] that she’s the Paragon of Courage; she just helped put all these universes back together. I think she’s thinking, “I feel like I should, as Batwoman, have the courage to be who I really am.” She might be putting her secret identity in jeopardy or possibly making people who don’t like gay people hate her, but she still feels pulled to do it.”

It was definitely great to see Kate live her authentic self both in and out of the mask.

Batwoman airs Sunday at 8/7c on the CW.

Bec Heim