Arrow’s “Purgatory” Marks Oliver’s Final Return to Lian Yu

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2020 is officially in full swing – which unfortunately means that we will have to say goodbye to one of our favorite TV shows of all time before the month is over. Arrow will be celebrating the end of an era with tomorrow’s culmination of “Crisis on Infinite Earths” before airing its series finale on January 29.

But before we jump back straight into the action, let’s recap what happened on the last Arrow episode of 2019. After following the Monitor’s orders for the better part of the season, Oliver and the rest of Team Arrow find themselves on Lian Yu in episode 8.07 “Purgatory”.

Back on the island that started it all, Lyla tells the team that they need to build a device using the parts they have been collecting for the past few weeks, but once again fails to give them a proper reason as to why. Ultimately, they are back on Lian Yu as the island has seen an extraordinary energy spike, which the team will need to use to power their device. The situation leads to a heartfelt moment between Oliver and his children, in which he reveals that the Monitor told him he won’t survive the crisis, much to Mia’s chagrin.


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Dinah, Rene and Roy (with the plutonium he took from Russia) approach the island via helicopter, but their plane is taken down by an air-missile.  The accident leaves the passengers and the plutonium in two different directions, resulting in the on-the-ground team to split up in order to recover both.

Oliver and Laurel sweep the area for the plutonium, which is when they come across a resurrected Edward Fyers and his army of mercenaries. Oliver decides to pursue Fyers and right his wrongs, but turns out he not to be the only ghost on the island when Oliver is reunited with his mentor Yao Fei.

Meanwhile John, Lyla and Connor head towards the plane wreck when they come across Dinah and Rene, who survived with a few minor injuries. Roy unfortunately didn’t fare as well. His arm is blocked by broken plane parts and with the mercenaries incoming, Roy decides he’d rather live without his arm than die on this island. With Connor’s assistance, John amputates Roy’s arm, and it is not lost on anyone that this is the biggest sacrifice the young man had to make for the team up until then.

Finally coming face to face with Fyers, Oliver agrees to bring most of his team along for the final fight (sans William, Lyla and Roy, who are working on the Monitor’s device). William finds out that the device can only be powered by a specific set of DNA, which turns out to be Lyla’s. Just as the team is about to lose the battle, Lyla activates the device and the mercenaries disappear, and with them so does Lyla.

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While readying to leave Lian Yu, Oliver takes his time to bid farewell to his team members and loved ones, one intimate moment more tear-jerking than the next. Just as Mia and Oliver share a sweet moment between father and daughter, the skies turn red and Lyla returns in the form of “a Harbinger of things to come”.

And with that, the Crisis begins.

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The final two parts of “Crisis on Infinite Earths” will air tomorrow, starting at 8/9ct with Arrow, to be immediately followed by DC’s Legends of Tomorrow on The CW.

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