4YE Quicklist: The Top Five Bingo Scenes in TV and Film

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Bingo has long been of the UK’s favourite pastimes. For generations, keen players have enjoyed nothing more than trying to get a full house and scoop a jackpot! Over the past few years, Bingo has become increasingly popular with people of all ages thanks to online Bingo sites like those you can find if you click here. It’s no surprise, then, that it’s found its way into several movies and TV series. Here, we bring you some of the very best so you can get your fill of bingo-related onscreen fun before you head to the bingo hall!

Bad Grandpa

Irving Zisman was one of the most beloved Johnny Knoxville characters from MTV’s Jackass, so when he got a movie of his own, it was guaranteed that Bad Grandpa was going to be a hit! One of the most iconic scenes from the movie sees Irving playing Bingo and chatting with the other players. Just as you would expect, he tests everyone’s patience, pushing them right to the brink of frustration as the game progresses. We all know how seriously Bingo players take their game, so you can imagine the reaction when he decides to drink the Bingo marker fluid!

Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul, the spin-off of Breaking Bad, was a huge hit with fans of the original Netflix show. This prequel to the series shows how dodgy lawyer Saul came to be such an enormous success and showcases his humble origins. One scene from the show reveals Saul hosting a Bingo game for older people trying to win over new clients. However, during the process, he has a mini-meltdown and starts to rant about his bad his life is. In fact, this seemingly innocuous game of Bingo is a key turning point, spurring him on to change his direction in life, turning himself from a lowly failing lawyer into the famous Saul that Breaking Bad fans know all too well.

Hotel Transylvania

One of the best things about bingo is that it isn’t just for adults, lots of kids love the game too. It’s often used in schools as a learning tool (without the financial benefits of course!) so children everywhere will be able to easily relate to the scenes from animated movie Hotel Transylvania. Dracula’s hotel is the ideal spot for all kinds of monsters to take a vacation and enjoy themselves, and like most human resorts, Hotel Transylvania offers Bingo for its guests. However, the spooky Bingo offered by the Count is nothing like the traditional version we’re all familiar with. Have you ever seen Bingo balls which are skulls that hiss their numbers to the players?

The Babadook

Horror fans who also love bingo are sure to appreciate The Babadook, a psychological thriller that features a Bingo game scene. Amelia is a widow working in an old people’s care home. In one scene, she is hosting a game of Bingo for the residents but in fact, it shows a disturbing insight into the main characters’ lives.


The 2009 murder thriller Rampage features one particularly terrifying scene during which the killer walks through a Bingo hall. The players don’t even realize he’s there because they’re so focused on their game – something that is sure to strike a chord with any keen player who’s been waiting for the last number that they need to be called!

Of course, these aren’t the only movie and TV scenes to feature Bingo, however, these are some of the very best out there that remind us just how special the game is and how it has its own place in the hearts and minds of those who play. No doubt many more movies and TV shows will feature Bingo in the years to come and, who knows, maybe one day we’ll even see a whole movie dedicated to the game?

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