John Mulaney Invokes Some Bob Fosse For Promo Of His Netflix Special

John Mulaney returns to Netflix with a brand new special on Christmas.

Unlike his previous specials, which were stand-up, this is a variety show which largely features Mulaney with a bunch of talented children. As Christmas is a couple weeks away, we have our first promo for the event.

Challenging some Bob Fosse in All That Jazz, we see Mulaney lead an audition with the kids of his special and some random adults. After cutting all the adults, Mulaney announces that the kids “have got the part”. He then turns and declares, “I made a children’s musical special!”

That should be interesting just given Mulaney’s humor and some of his body of work, which include’s Saturday Night Live and Big Mouth.

We’ll have to see how the special turns out when it heads to Netflix, but we’re definitely intrigued.

John Mulaney and the Sack Lunch Bunch will premiere on Netflix on Dec. 24. Merry Christmas!

Bec Heim