It’s Time To Feel “The Wrath Of Rama Khan” On Supergirl’s Midseason Finale

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Supergirl fans!

A lot of stuff happened in the last episode. First, we met the heads of the mysterious Leviathan, who are from the sister planet of Krypton. Rama Khan, the male, uses shock and awe in order to keep humanity in line and guide them on the proper path. The woman, who is nameless at this point, wants to get deep into technology. Either way, Rama Khan wants the Medallion of Arcata, which is in Lena’s possession. Lena plans to use Kara in order to a) get protection from Leviathan and b) help her find something that can release Non Nocere into the world.

Her plan works. Kara takes Lena to the Fortress of Solitude, who acquires Myriad (throwback!). She also unveils her plans to Kara before turning the Fortress’ defenses against her and leaves her imprisoned in ice and Kryptonite. On the flip side, J’onn and his brother finally reconciled after a vision of M’yrnn tells his son to show Malefic his truth.

Alex and Brainy find the body of Rip Roar, which has been turned into the bomb. Alex’s near brushes with death prove to be a lot for Kelly, who is thinking of her deceased fiancée. She and Alex have a talk about the realities of Alex’s job and Alex promises Kelly to help her through her own fears and issues. Brainy’s inhibitor chip, meanwhile, is malfunctioning. So that cannot be good.

And then there’s Crisis. No one knows that’s coming. So that’s happening.

Trapped: Alex and Brainy arrive at the Fortress, who tells them about Lena. She finds Lena at one of Lex’s old hideouts. Hope and Lena plan to launch Non Nocere within the hour but Kara arrives. Lex’s countermeasures activate in the presence of a Kryptonian. Lena deploys the weapons, but when its Kryptonite things change. Kara puts her hands up in surrender and the canons are able to disarm. Kara refuses to give up on Lena, but flies away. At Leviathan HQ, Rama Khan goes to lick his wounds. The woman tells Rama Khan that there are “whispers” about him. She says that this not about ego, but saving the Earth. They need to destroy the humans before they destroy the Earth. Apparently, there is an alignment that allowed Rama Khan to wipe out Pompeii. In order to access a staff that can aid him, he needs Andrea. Kara tells Alex and Brainy about Lena and everything. Kara believes that she can fix things with Lena if they can talk to her. Alex wants to know why Lena needs Myriad, that’s when J’onn and Malefic showed up.

Prison: Malefic tells everyone about how Lena imprisoned him and experimented on him. Kara defends Lena’s intentions, saying that she is hurting and doesn’t want to harm others. Malefic confirms this, but others are uncertain. She asks Brainy to put the hologram online so she can talk to Lena. Rama Khan goes to Andrea with a deal. She helps him and he will offer her a way out. Kara uses the hologram to beg Lena to not let her and Lex turn her into something she is not. Lena declares that she hasn’t changed, but has been exposed to the ugliness of humanity. She cancels the hologram and tells Kara to leave her alone.

Fault: Alex goes to see Kara on the Balcony of Feelings. Kara admits that she understands Lena’s point of view. She blames herself for everything, but Alex says she was damned either way. Alex tells Kara that Lena has turned a corner. When Kara says this isn’t “their Lena”, but Alex says that they don’t know the real Lena. They can’t put her faith in a distant hope that Lena will “do the right thing”. Kara refuses to treat Lena like a villain, but Alex has to. She sent a virus into the bunker’s mainframe. Kara is upset that her sister used her, but Alex needs to think with her head. Hope and Lena go to activate Myriad, but the connection failed. Lena blames Kara for it getting into their system. Hope goes to tamper with the dish, but Lena stops her. They can replicate and figure out a work around to the virus. Kara goes to J’onn to beg him for his help, asking for more time to reach Lena. Kara realizes that they can use Malefic as a key to undo Lena’s plan. The energy needed to do so may kill Malefic in the process. J’onn and Kara are reluctant to let him do such a thing, but Malefic wants to make amends. Rama Khan’s plan is to unleash a supervolcano, declaring that existence is humanity’s sin. Andrea goes to the DEO and tells them that Rama Khan plans to destroy the world. He declares that his plans to remake the Earth and begins to drain Andrea’s powers.

Quakes: Kara, Brainy, Alex, and J’onn figure out Rama Khan’s plan to wake up the super volcano. Kara and J’onn tell Alex about their plan with Malefic’s Q-waves, who is reluctant. Alex feels like she has to make an impossible choice. All J’onn can tell Alex is that they can let people do better than their past. Otherwise what’s the point in trying to save everyone? Hope and Lena are working frantically, but the aftershock of Rama Khan’s earthquake knocks the satellite array offline. Hope decides to try the manual override again. Lena asks her to stay, calling Hope her friend, but Hope says she’s not Lena’s friend. J’onn and Kara go to the tar pits where they find Rama Khan emerging from the ground.

Pompeii: J’onn and Kara find themselves outmatched by Rama Khan since he is connected to Earth. He raises the volcano in the National City harbor. Kara finds Andrea and the staff. J’onn goes to get her. Alex and Brainy go over their odds. Alex decides to use Malefic, but with a guard on him. Andrea tells J’onn that its usual, but he refuses to give up. Hope goes to the satellites. Lena and Hope are able to get the manual override, so that they can launch Myriad. The DEO launches the interceptions in order to counteract Myriad. It’s works for a minute, but the psychic inhibitors are interfering. Kara and Rama Khan continue their fight. Alex has the inhibitors turned off while Malefic counteracts Myriad. Rama Khan monologues at Kara, declaring he destroys with a cleansing fire. Kara sees that Myriad is offline. J’onn is able to remove the staff. Rama Khan says that people never change, but Kara says that the beauty of Earth is change. Kara breaks free and pushes Rama Khan into the tar pits and freezes him in there. J’onn and Andrea arrive and there’s a moment of relief. Rama Khan reemerges so Andrea has to push him back in the tar pits, stabbing him with the staff. Meanwhile, Lena brokenly tells hope that sometimes the good guys don’t win.

Aftershock: Rama Khan and Andrea go back to Leviathan headquarters. The woman, Gamemnae, declares that his reign is over. She says that the elders had appointed her. Lena and Hope return back to LCorp as NCPD arrives. Hope, pretending to be Eve, takes the fall for everything that Lena did. Alex and Kara discuss everything that happened, but know that Lena will not stop. Kara thanks Alex for trusting her. If they can save Maelific, then maybe they can save Lena. Andrea goes back to her office and uses her VR contacts to relive her memories with Russell. She tells him that it’s over, but things are too late for him. Lena and Kara, meanwhile, look at pictures of happier times. J’onn and Maelific go for a walk where J’onn introduces his brother to M’gann. Maelific is going to extinguish the flames of hate on Mars and help the resistance.

Crisis: The Monitor tells J’onn that he passed the test. By reconciling with his brother, J’onn faced his demons and has come to accept his past. The Monitor tells J’onn he is ready for the Crisis. We cut to Lex who is being held by the Monitor. He gives Lex Luthor the Book Of Destiny. First things first though, Lex wants to discuss Lena.

Earth-1: On Earth-1, Nash Wells (read our Flash recaps) stands in front of the door. It tells him to submit and begin his life anew. He is surrounded by a golden light and sucked into a portal.

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