It’s A Race Against Time In “The Last Temptation Of Barry Allen” On The Flash

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Flash fans!

As this is a true two-parter, if you want to fully be refreshed for the first part please read last week’s recap here. For those of you who want the quick notes version, Barry got some of Ramsey’s blood in while helping to heal Ralph. The infection spread but due to Barry’s speed-healing, he has a chance to cure himself of Ramsey’s disease.

Problem is, well, Ramsey’s blood offers Barry a way to survive Crisis. Barry is sorely tempted, especially since he feels he has sacrificed so much as the Flash. With Ramsey and the Speed Force as the metaphorical devil and angel on Barry’s shoulders, it looks like Barry was able to triumph over the infection.

Yeah that didn’t happen. Barry is infected by Ramsey. Things are looking very, very bad. Did we also mention that Crisis is happening in like a day or two as well?

Let’s see what happens next, shall we?

Prudence: Team Flash recovers from the attack by Infected!Barry, but STAR Labs is destroyed. Cisco activates the Babel protocols, which he had installed in case the Flash ever goes dark. It’s the worst-case scenario. Cisco presents a Photon Blaster, which delivers a mega dose of photon radiation. In theory, it could burn the infection out all the infected people. Over the police scanner, the calls of fear begin to pour in. Kamilla and Cecile are trapped in Cecile’s office while there’s chaos and panic in the streets as we go full on Walking Dead. Bloodwork declares that Joe, who is trying to keep everyone safe, that the world will be remade in his image by the dawn. Right as the infected Barry appears in front of Joe.

Temperance: Frost arrives as Joe tries to talk Barry down, which doesn’t work for obvious reasons. Ramsey sets his blood zombies on Frost and Joe while Barry is sent to spread the infection. Power failures hit Central City right as Nash has an argument with Mar Novu(?), who demands he bows down. The power failure hits Nash right as the blood zombies finds him. Kamilla wants to escape the office, but Cecile’s powers are overwhelming her with fear. Kamilla, remembering that zombies need fear for the infection to take hold, calls Cecile a zombie detector. Iris and Cisco listen to the police scanner when they hear Infected!Barry beginning over it. Iris wants to go to him, but Cisco says that it’s not Barry in there. He begs her to stay, but Iris goes. She meets Infected!Barry in her apartment. Cisco uses the extrapolator to listen in as Ramsey preaches his philosophy. Iris tries to reach what is left of Barry in there. Ramsey makes Barry prepare to rip out Iris’ heart, but stops declaring “in good time”.

Courage: Iris returns to Cisco waiting for her STAR Labs, who checks in on. Iris is devastated that she couldn’t reach Barry, but wants to keep trying. Iris refuses to give up, but Cisco says that this, them without the Flash, was what Barry prepared them for. Cisco tells Iris that Barry is gone. He was always go to leave them. Nothing will change that. Frost and Joe fight there way through the blood zombies when Joe gets hit. Frost uses her powers to knock them back when Allegra shows up to knock one out. Allegra, Frost, and Joe head back to STAR Labs. Cecile and Kamilla descend throughout the building using Cecile’s powers as a guide. It’s honestly genuine intense. The duo are able to make it to the stairway, but STAR Labs is 10 blocks away. Cisco arrives and hits Ramsey with the Photon Blaster, but Dark Flash stops him before it takes. Ramsey declares that Cisco has another purpose to serve. He wants to use the particle accelerator throughout Central City and the world.

Justice: Cisco and Iris go over Ramsey’s plan with the particle accelerator. Frost hands control over to Caitlin in order to help. Caitlin doesn’t have what she needs in order to work, but Frost can. Caitlin encourages her other half to just focus on the problem at hand. Nash makes quick work of the blood zombie, using a high frequency to drive it away. The blood zombie comes back for Nash with friends. Iris and Cisco admit that their plans both failed because they didn’t work together. Iris encourages Cisco to lead the team. Cisco remembers Ramsey saying the exact words Barry said to him and then his 180 decision. They think that Barry is fighting back against Ramsey, telling them how to take down Ramsey. Ramsey and Infected!Barry are at the barrier. Barry tells Iris and Cisco to “let the light in”, another hint for his plan against Ramsey.

Faith: Infected!Barry, Ramsey, and the army of blood zombies head into STAR Labs. Ramsey gives the order to his army to kill Team Flash. Cisco tells Allegra that her powers are the key to curing the city. She needs to get the Pipeline. Ramsey monologues more at Team Flash about how will win in the end with his objective achieved. Ramsey and Infected!Barry head down to the pipeline where Ramsey puts his blood in the machine. Infected!Barry brings Ramsey Iris and Cisco as ordered, who wants them to know the scope of their failure. Iris tells Infected!Barry that she trusts him. When Ramsey orders Barry to kill Iris, he fights back against the control. Ramsey is hit with a gun that Iris brought, knocking him out. Frost escorts Allegra down to the Pipeline as the rotation continues. Allegra arrives and Cisco tells her to give it everything she’s got. With one rotation left, Allegra hits the particle accelerator with everything she has. It releases the cure into the atmosphere turning Central City back to normal.

Charity: Iris and Cisco go to Barry, who is back to normal. Ramsey, however, escaped and Barry goes after him. Ramsey declares himself the truth hero of the story just as he turns into a monster from Bloodborne. Barry gets in some prime hits against him. They decide to put Ramsey in the MAC as it contained the black hole energy. Ramsey gets up. Barry tells Ramsey that he just wants to enjoy what time he has left. That’s when Ramsey’s dead mom appears? Barry let Ramsey infect him in order to bring out Ramsey’s own doubt in the form of his mother. His mother calls Ramsey an angel of destruction and just wants to save him from himself. Barry uses the destruction to take Ramsey to the MAC before collapsing. Ramsey decrees that he will complete his Destiny and they will accept his cure. The containment protocols are working.

Hope: Ramsey is in ARGUS custody. (Better not hope the Monitor has plans for him.) Barry describes what things were like under Ramsey’s control. How he was able to worm his way into Ramsey’s doubt. Caitlin and Frost have a moment together. Frost gives control back to Caitlin, saying that it’s only right she’s with the team for what’s coming next. Barry, Iris, Cisco, Caitlin, Cecile, and Joe sit quietly together. Barry gives Joe his watch, wanting him to have a part of Barry with him. Cecile recalls HR saying that Barry’s greatest power was his ability to inspire hope. They have a living memorial service for Barry with Team Flash reflecting and reminiscing together. Iris promises Barry that their love story will never end, even with Crisis. She promises that for better or worse, she will be with Barry until the very end. The only thing more inevitable than Crisis is Barry and Iris. Barry agrees, saying that their family has beaten Crisis before it begins by having each other. As the clock ticks to midnight, the skies turn red. Crisis has arrived.

11:59pm: Nash Wells says that he has travelled the multiverse to kill the Monitor. The Monitor says that he needs to submit and begin anew with the knowledge within Nash. Nash touches the symbols and is swallowed by a golden light, yanked through to an unknown portal.


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