Crisis On Infinite Earths Delivers A Convergence of Superman In “Part 2” On Batwoman


Crisis On Infinite Earths is clearly a crossover that is not playing around.

Last night, in “Part One”, Argo City (the remains of the Kryptonian civilization) and Earth-38 itself was destroyed by an Anti-Matter wave. While the heroes fought valiantly, saving three billions Earth-38 residents, they had lost the battle. Oliver Queen, after every other hero had been teleported out, held the line and saved a billion lives.

Unfortunately, it came at the cost of his own. (We had our money on Oliver dying in “Part Three” as the cliffhanger.)

Let’s not waste any time and get down to business with tonight’s coverage.

“Lies don’t make anyone comfortable, especially the one telling them. But no one said anything about this job being comfortable.” – Kate Kane, Batwoman

Earth-1 Central City sees Sara, Kate, and Kara pouring one out. Kara feels some epic survivor’s guilt for his death, but Sara says his sacrifice meant something. Kate wants to focus on the task at hand, and Kara thinks there should be a way to get them back. Harbinger arrives and reveals she hasn’t told Digg about Oliver’s death.

The Monitor wants a Waverider, any Waveride, so Harbinger gets one from Earth-74. The Gideon of this IS LEONARD! HI WENTWORTH MILLER! It’s also owned by Mick Rory, who is trying to be a romance novelist but is failed. Harbinger bribes Mick of Earth-74 with beer to help.

The Monitor says that there are seven heroes across space and time, who are of the purest will also known as paragons. The Monitor reveals that he learned it from the Book of Destiny, who retrieved it intact. Barry is sassing the Monitor. Kara asks if the Book of Destiny could bring back Earth-38 and Mia asks if Oliver can be brought back. No dice.

The Monitor reveals Kara is the paragon of Hope and Sara is the paragon of Destiny. There is a Paragon of Truth, Krypton who suffered a great loss, and Paragon of Courage, Bat of the Future. Felicity was able to reveal these truths.

In order to find the Paragon of Courage, they need to get Bruce Wayne of Earth-99’s help.

Kara looks at the map of Argo and Earth-38, watching them go away. That’s when Lex Luthor shows up. Kara goes for the kill shot, but The Monitor says Lex Luthor has a destiny to play. Kate sees Kara’s reaction and tells Lex that the Monitor can’t bring him back. She then goes to get Kara’s help to find Bruce.

Harbinger is having weird echoes in her hand. The voices are demanding that she finds the book, finding it in the hands of Lex. He plans to kill Superman, but it’s part of the Monitor’s plan.

Barry and Iris have a moment together. He considers going to another Earth and using a Lazarus Pit to bring back Oliver. Iris tells Barry that she is going to find the hopeless Kryptonian paragon.

Mia tells Sara about her and Barry’s plan to bring back Oliver. Sara, having experience, said that there is no good way for the Lazarus Pit.

On Earth-99, Kara and Kate arrive finding its Luke Fox, who closes the door in their face. Kara kicks the door open and Luke has a gun pointed at him. That’s when old Bruce sows up, shocked to see Kate.

“How did Bruce make living a double life look so easy?”

Bruce informs Kate that she died five years ago and his exo-suit is to help a lifetime of injuries. On Earth-99, Kate Kane is dead and has been for five years. She sits him down to tell him the story.

On Earth-75, Lois and Clark learn that Lex is jumping from universe to universe to kill Supermen. Back on Earth-1, Sara, Mia, and Barry go to John Constantine to find an Earth with a Lazarus Pit. They find one and Sara gets John to promise to bring back Oliver’s soul.

On Earth-167, Iris, Clark, and Lois find Clark Kent (Smallville) chopping up some logs. After confirming it’s Clark Kent, Lois tells Clark that Lex Luthor is going to kill him. Clark reveals that Lex is now the President on his Earth. Lex sends Iris, Clark, and Lois away with the Book of Destiny.

Smallville Clark asks what Lex what he is doing here, declaring Clark his great enemy on any Earth. Lex declares that he’s here to kill every version of Superman, showing Kryptonite to Clark. Smallville Clark had given up his powers in order to have a family. Lex tells Smallville Clark that they’re all doomed before disappearing. When Clark tells Lois what happened and the end of the multiverse coming, she thinks it’s a joke. The go inside to see what their daughters made.

Earth-99 Bruce has turned into a psycho serial killer. He tells Kate that she’s essentially destined for the same path. His Kate tried to succeed where failed, but it didn’t work. Kate tells Bruce that she’s giving him a chance to be a hero again.

On the Waverider on Earth-1, Baby Jonathan is crying and Mick is reading adult romance novels to him. Poor Ray is just trying to figure out the Paragon Detector.

On Earth-96, Clark, Lois, and Iris arrive at The Daily Planet and find Clark Kent, who looks like Ray Palmer. They ask if he has a moment to talk.

Earth-99 Luke takes Kara to the library where she sees his little serial killer trophy case. She learns Bruce killed that world’s Superman.

Earth-96 Clark reveals that everyone he knew and loved die in an attack on the Daily Planet by the Joker. He is the Paragon of Truth and agrees to help the multiverse. Before that happens, however, Lex arrives and makes Earth-96 Clark attack Clark.

“The city needs Batman. And I am not Batman.”

Earth-96 Clark attacks Clark, declaring he doesn’t care about his universe. Earth-96 Clark says the only truth he knows is that he serves Lex Luthor. The two Superman duke it out over Metropolis in a pretty badass fight sequence. Earth-96 Clark is sent to kill Lois, who knocks out Lex to get the Book of Destiny.

Lois appeals to the Earth-96 Clark and is able to get through to him. Earth-96 Clark comes back to himself, and tells Clark that he can see why he married Lois.

John, Mia, Sara, and Barry go to Earth-18, finding the Lazarus Pit. John and Barry go to get Oliver’s body, leaving Mia and Sara. Earth-18’s Jonah Hex finds them, turning to be a major creeper. Mia and Sara take him out.

John and Barry bring Oliver’s back and they prepare to use the Pit, dunking him in.

“What’s the difference between being hopeful and being crazy?”

Bruce argues that perhaps the multiverse should die. Kara suits up and tells Kate that Bruce killed Earth-99’s Superman. Bruce said that he did what had to be done and his exosuit has Kryptonite in it.So that’s not good.

On Earth-18, Oliver emerges from the Lazarus Pit in a blood rage. He goes on the attack, but Sara knocks him out. They need to get Oliver’s soul back.

Kate gets in between Bruce and Kara, protecting her new friend. A well-placed hit electrocutes Earth-99 Bruce, who tells Kate that there is no hope. Then I think Bruce Wayne of Earth-99 dies.

Ray Palmer meets Earth-96 Clark Kent. He asks about his gluten sensitivity. Lois introduces Jonathan to Earth-96 Clark Kent, who says he looks just like Jason. Kara also calls the Monitor out.

Ray fires up the Paragon detector to find the other Paragons. Kate is revealed to be the Paragon of Courage. She is the Bat of the Future.

John conducts the ritual to send Mia and Sara to get Oliver’s soul. It doesn’t work. With all the anti-matter in the system, John cannot access his magic. So that means Oliver’s body is staying soulless for the time being.

Kara brings the freaked out Kate a beer, who is adjusting. Kara tells Kate that how much she cares and how she tries makes her a hero. Kate’s heart makes her a hero. She also reminds Kate that she makes her own destiny, showing a picture of Beth and Kate of Earth-99 looking happy. Kara tells Kate her motto: “hope, help, and compassion for all”.

Kara plans on using the Book of Destiny to bring Earth-38. It may be dangerous, but Kara needs hope. Kate watches Kara go and brings the kryptonite from Bruce out of her pocket.

Lyla still hears the voices, telling her it’s time. The Anti-Monitor has summoned her, needing her to work for him.

See you in Part 3!

Bec Heim