Crisis On Infinite Earths Continues With The Search For The Three Final Paragons In “Part 3” On The Flash

Welcome back to Crisis on Infinite Earths.

This is our final part of the epic crossover event until January when we return with final two parts on Jan. 14. You can read our full recaps of Parts One and Two if you want a refresher on everything that happened. We’ll just refresh your mind.

Our heroes are processing Oliver’s death the best that they can, which is not great. Barry and Mia enlist Sara and John Constantine to go to Earth-18 to use a Lazarus Pit to resurrect Oliver. It worked, but the anti-matter has caused John to lose his magic. So…Oliver’s body doesn’t have his soul.

Everyone else is left to travel the multiverse looking for the Paragons. Seven heroes who will be able to stand against the Anti-Monitor in the coming Crisis. Kara is the Paragon of Hope and Sara is the Paragon of Destiny. Clark, Lois, and Iris go the Earth-96 where they find an older Clark Kent who is the Paragon of Truth. A trip to Earth-99 with Kara and Kate have the pair confronting a serial killer Bruce Wayne, revealing Kate’s status as the Paragon of Courage.

It’s something that Kate definitely needs as Kara wants to use the Book of Destiny to bring back her Earth at the cost of her sanity. Let’s just get through the crisis first, Kara.

Also since the Anti-Monitor has become stronger than the Monitor, it looks Harbinger has to go work for him now.

Meanwhile, on Black Lightning, that Earth was destroyed with Jenn turning into pure energy while Lynn, Gambi, and Anissa were Thanos’d by the anti-matter wave. Jefferson was teleported out the last minute.

“Fear makes us do a lot of things that we shouldn’t.” -Barry Allen, The Flash

Helena Kyle of Earth-203 runs throughout New Gotham trying to get in contact with her comrades as the anti-matter wave hits. She is quickly dissolved.

Aboard Earth-1’s Waverider, Team Flash and J’onn join Kara, Clark 96, Clark 38, Lois, Kate, Ray, and the Monitor. Ray and Cisco are able to fix the Paragon detector. J’onn is revealed to the Paragon of Honor, Barry the Paragon of Love, and Ryan Choi the Paragon of Humanity.

Digg has learned of Oliver’s death and resurrection. He’s pissed. Sara also has to break the news that Harbinger is missing. Digg demands to know where the hell his wife is and the Monitor admits Lyla is probably with the Anti-Monitor.

The Monitor says that the Anti-Monitor wants to wipe out the universe and create a new anti-universe. Kara leaves upset and Kate watches her go, looking at the kryptonite.

Digg goes to find Lyla while Sara promises to stay.

Cisco teels Frost that he has been able to find the source of the anti-matter wave. The Monitor tracks down Cisco and says that Vibe must live again. He restores Cisco’s powers and declares that he needs to serve his higher purpose.

Barry sends Iris to find Ryan Choi and the two share a kiss. Cisco, Frost, and Barry go to Nash’s worksite where he unleashed the Anti-Monitor. Pariah arrives, telling them that he’s here to bear witness to tragedy.

“Our powers don’t decide who we are. We do.”

Pariah shares that he tried to kill Mar Novu and the Anti-Monitor used that. He’s forcing Pariah to bear witness to the end of world after world. Pariah cannot remember his time as Nash, but Cisco’s vibe powers can see what Nash saw. Cisco is able to see what Nash saw.

Kara goes to Lex to ask how to the Book of Destiny. Kate gets Lex to talk saying that willpower is the key to use the book. On the scale that Kara wants to use the book? It’s pretty impossible and will destroy the mind of whoever uses it.

On Earth-666, Constantine, Digg, and Mia go to find LUCIFER! HELL YEAH! Constantine says that he’s hear to call in a favor. Lucifer uses his desire power to get Mia to tell him his desire. Lucifer agrees to retrieve Oliver’s soul. He gives Constantine a card that will fade while they’re in Purgatory. They need to go before the picture fades or else they’re damned.

Constantine, Digg, and Mia head to Purgatory, which looks like Lian Yu. Constantine reveals that while in Purgatory, Oliver’s memories have been erased. So they need to get him to remember them as well.

Barry arrives back with Cisco, Frost, and Pariah as the enter the domain of the Anti-Monitor. The place that they enter is the nexus between the Anti-Matter universe and their own. On a treadmill, Barry sees a blur running. It’s Barry Allen of Earth-90, who is trapped on the treadmill.

“Not every friendship is meant to last a lifetime. What does last forever is the pain when that person is gone.”

Earth-90 Barry Allen has been on the treadmill since the Monitor sent him away during Elseworlds. The Anti-Monitor has been using him to destroy universes by powering the anti-matter cannon, which has been destroying universe. Cisco opens a breach, which allows Barry to push the Earth-90 Barry off the treadmill.

Of course, the Anti-Monitor has a failsafe. If Earth-90 Barry stops running, then there’s an explosion that will wipe out all remaining universes.

In Ivy Town, Ray, Ralph, and Iris show up to recruit Ryan Choi. They pretty much tell him that they need his help to save the universe. Ryan takes the news of the world ending by going home to spend time with his wife and kid.

Lois watches as another Earth disappears, leaving only seven left. The Monitor tells her about how his world died and his family with it. He recalls how full of life it was, but his work kept him from his family. Now he regrets it.

Clark 96 shows up and feels so bad that he couldn’t save the world. Lois asks about the black on his suit and Clark shares that it’s a symbol to show that hope cuts through the darkness.

In the nexus, Barry, Barry 90, Frost, and Cisco are trying to figure out what to do. That’s when Black Lightning shows up pissed because Freeland is gone. Pariah has saved Jefferson from the destruction of his Earth and family. Jefferson is pissed saying Pariah should have saved his family. Barry talks Jefferson down, asking for his help.

Jefferson goes to contain the energy from the anti-matter cannon so Barry can disable. Kara goes to open the Book of Destiny, but Kate stops her. Kate says that if Kara opens that book it will destroy her. Kate will stop her…by talking her down.

Barry and Barry 90 slow down time in order to talk in order to figure out how to disable the cannon. Barry says that it’s time for Flash to vanish in Crisis. (Apparently, Barry and Tina from the 90s The Flash got married, but it sounds like she may be dead or they divorced.)

“Sometimes in life, all we can do is just live with the consequences.”

Barry has to reverse the direction of the treadmills energy in order to disable everything. So this is how her vanishes in Crisis.

Mia, Digg, and Constantine look for Oliver, who bum rushes them from the trees. Digg talks Oliver back to himself and they hug.

In his office, Ryan looks at a picture of his wife and baby daughter. Iris goes to talk to Ryan ordinary person to ordinary person. Ryan says that he’s nothing like Barry. Iris says that he’s human, a reminder to heroes of what they fight to protect. Iris is able to appeal to the parent in Ryan, who agrees to help.

Ray and Ralph tell Iris that there is only one Earth left. Iris flashbacks to a conversation Barry where they said their goodbyes to each other. He reminds Iris that whatever happens and wherever he goes, he will run home to Iris.

Barry prepares himself, saying his goodbyes to Cisco and Caitlin. There is one final hug for Original Team Flash. Barry 90 temporarily takes Barry’s speed in order to sacrifice himself, pointing out that the Monitor never said which Flash had to die. Cisco opens a breach at Barry 90’s request and he sacrifices himself.

Cisco, Caitlin, Jefferson, Pariah, and Barry leave the nexus as Barry 90 runs sacrifices himself, remembering his (late?) wife as he dies. It stops the anti-matter wave, destroys the Anti-Monitor’s nexus, and saves Earth-1.

Ride the lightning, Barry Allen of Earth-90.

“I know any future with you in it is gonna be a good one. You just gotta believe that, too.”

Constantine says that it’s time to for them to go as the card is almost done. Jim Corrigan shows up and stops them before they can leave. He briefly explains the Spectre and what he is. He tells Oliver that it’s his time for Oliver to take over. He needs to be the Spectre in order to save everyone and everything.

Jim sends Mia, Constantine, and Digg back to Earth-1. They learn that there is only one Earth left.

Barry goes to thank Jefferson his help, who is mourning his entire life and world. Jefferson says that nothing will ever be okay again. Barry tells Jefferson about Henry, saying that he tries to emulate his dad’s light in times like this. Jefferson shares about his own father Alvin, who was murdered, but that he still carries along the lessons that he taught him.

Jefferson says that the need to honor the memory of their loved ones and rage until the dying of the light. Jefferson and Barry shake hands.

Kate tracks down Kara down, saying that she has the biggest heart of anyone Kate has ever met. Kate gives Kara the kryptonite that Bruce Wayne of Earth-99, but Kara tells her to keep it.

Iris and Barry are reunited much to her relief. Barry shares what happened to Barry 90 to Iris’ relief. Barry introduces Jefferson to everyone and his delight at seeing Superman times two is so cute.

They now need to use the Paragons and find Harbinger. Lyla returns, who doesn’t remember where she was on Earth-1 or what happened. Everyone realizes that Pariah and Harbinger are being controlled by the Anti-Monitor, who declares through Harbinger that is time to end the age of heroes.

“When you stop trying to force the solution, sometimes it happens on its own.”

The Monitor declares that Harbinger has been taken over by the Anti-Monitor, who easily takes out all the heroes. The Monitor tells Pariah that the hope for all humanity rests with him before battling the Anti-Monitor Harbinger.

The Anti-Monitor kills The Monitor and absorbs his powers. The Anti-Matter wave swallows Earth-1. The heroes are all that’s left as the anti-matter wave is about to hit the ship.

Pariah saves the Paragons and sends them somewhere that they cannot be touched by the Anti-Monitor. The Anti-Monitor then destroys the Waverider and all aboard.

It turns out that the Paragons were sent to the Vanishing Point outside of existence. Everyone else gone and the Paragons are all that is left. Clark 96 declares that something is wrong and that they need to fix it. He disappears in a wave of red energy and Lex Luthor is put in his place.

Lex Luthor made himself the Paragon of Truth in place of Clark 96. Asking what do they do now.


Which we will have to see when Crisis on Infinite Earths concludes on Jan. 14, 2020.

Bec Heim