Crisis On Infinite Earths Begins With The Destruction Of Earth-38 In “Part One” On Supergirl

“Worlds will live. Worlds will die, and nothing will ever be the same.”

Welcome to 4YE’s coverage on Crisis on Infinite Earths. After build in both Arrow’s eight season and The Flash’s sixth season plus the start in last year’s Elseworlds crossover, the Arrowverse tackles an adaptation of one of comic’s biggest and most important events.

A brief recap for those who don’t watch the entire Arrowverse. The Monitor has tasked Oliver with running missions for him on Arrow. It definitely got crazy on Arrow: Earth-2’s destruction, Oliver’s future children returning to the past, a changing timeline, Oliver dealing with his impending death, and Lyla becoming a “harbinger of things to come”. The Flash followed Barry as he tries to deal with his impending death in the coming Crisis. The latest iteration of Harrison Wells, Nash, has made a deal with what he believed to be the monitor, possibly becoming Pariah.

Supergirl, Batwoman, and Legends of Tomorrow basically have no idea what’s happening.

Let’s begin.

“I know how hard it is when everything we know to be true changes. But sometimes all we can do is just accept the way things are, and make the best of that.” -Kara Danvers, Supergirl

We start with, well, the opening of Crisis on Infinite Earths straight from the comics. The Monitor narrates the birth of the multiverse as some sick CGI shows the multiverse formation. The Monitor details the birth of the Age of Heroes, showing fights from across the CW-DC shows. The Monitor says that the found each other just in time.

Across the multiverse, we see the red skies light up as the Crisis arrives. Or, in the words of Burt Ward of Earth-66, “holy crimson skies of death”. (Also DC Universe’s streaming shows are Earth-9 and we get a Batman 89 nod on Earth-89. We see The Ray on Earth-X.)

Wil Wheaton, prophet of the Apocalypse, promises doom and gloom as dragon attacks. It’s Spike, the pet dragon of the little girl Alana. Spike, apparently, senses the end of the world and allows Kara to shrink him down so he can be returned to Alana. Earth-38’s pets are having a major nervous breakdown as quakes shake the very foundations of the earth.

J’onn appears to say that the Monitor said that the Crisis has arrived. Brainy said that it is not a reality wave, but it is hitting the universe. The wave is heading to their solar system, but Brainy says that if the wave isn’t stopped then there will be no more anything. The only planet in the waves path is Argo City.

On Argo City, Lois watches Clark meet his match with a dirty diaper of his new son, Jonathan. Clark, Lois, and little Jonathan make such a picturesque family. Clark hints at perhaps a little sibling for Jonathan. Kara sends a message to them saying that Argo is in danger and they need to get out.

The Kryptonians are freaking out at the red skies as Alura rushes out. She tells them that the only have minutes. Clark and Lois send Jonathan off in a rocket through space in the hopes of saving him. Just as Clark was as an infant, Jonathan rockets through space to momentary safety of Earth. Argo is swallowed by the anti-matter wave. Kara watches what remains of her people die.

“Hope that you will remember that you can all be heroes.”

On Earth-1’s Lian Yu, Oliver and Mia, future daughter, have a moment of reconciliation as they both accept his coming death. The red skies hit Earth as Lyla, now a Harbinger, comes to collect them for the Crisis. Barry tries to reach Cisco, but his signal is scrambled as Harbinger arrives to collect him for the Crisis. Harbinger then heads to pick up Batwoman, who is looking for some revenge on Alice as the Wonderland gang does a bank robbery. Harbinger arrives to collect Batwoman, who is just kind of plucked up. Sara and Ray have trivia night, like you do, when Harbinger arrives for them.

At the DEO of Earth-38, Harbinger arrives with the collected heroes of Earth plus a living Lois and Clark. They have to tell Kara that her mother is dead. Batwoman approaches her and cold clocks Harbinger, allowing Kara to talk her down. Kate takes off her helmet and introduces herself.

In a conference room, Harbinger says that Earth-38 is a tipping point. This is where the Monitor wants the heroes to make their stand. Barry and the Legends are off doing reconnaissance and Harbinger heads to find them. Lois and Clark don’t know if or where the pod with Jonathan landed. Brany promises to look for it.

Meanwhile, a tower lands in the distance. Barry and the Legends arrive with Harbinger, sharing that the tower is a quantum tower which can save the people of Earth-38.

“Hope that when faced with an enemy determined to destroy your spirit, you will fight back and thrive.”

Harbinger says that at the dawn of time that the Monitor put quantum towers on key Earths. She also shares the Earth can be protected from the anti-matter wave and the Anti-Monitor. Jonathan’s pod is sucked onto Earth-16 in the year 2046, which is where the Legends went in “Star City 2046”. Clark wants to go get his kid, but Oliver stops him. Instead, Lois, Sara, and Brainy are heading.

Alex is calling the President so they can evacuate the planet just in case. J’onn is going to ask for alien help. Brainy wishes him well and tosses him a set of keys. Alex says that they need to get a transmatter portal going to evacuate the planet to Earth-1. J’onn suggests getting Lena, but Alex is reluctant. They don’t really have much of a choice.

Clark is having a moment on the balcony of deep feelings when Kara goes to see him. He apologizes to Kara for not saving Alura, feeling like a fool for going to Argo. Clark feels like he deserves this for thinking he could have it all. Kara offers consolation, feeling the same way as of late. She tells him that their mistakes cannot outweigh all the good that was ever done. They’ve done it before and they will do it again.

Kara says that Krypton’s spirit lives on in the people of Earth, in the spirit of hope and sacrifice. They have made Krypton and their family proud for fighting for what’s right. As long as that’s alive, then Krypton will never die. The two of them hug.

Oliver gives Mia her own costume. It’s time for her to officially take up the mantle of the Green Arrow. He says that she has earned it, asking her to try it on.

Barry tells Oliver that he’s going to die in this Crisis, and Oliver is pissed. He demands to talk with the Monitor. The Monitor says that the deal was for last year, but this year is a different animal. Oliver wants to know about the Anti-Monitor, but the Monitor wants him to prepare for everything.

“Hope that those who once may have shunned you will, in a moment of crisis, come to your aid.”

Lena watches the destruction of the city as Alex comes to visit her. Alex lays out the situation to Lena, apologizing to her. She asks Lena to put her feelings aside in order to save the world. Lena says that Alex will never haver her friendship or trust again, but agrees to help save the world. Kara, Clark, Kate, Barry, Ray, Oliver, and Mia head to the Tower.

Another quake rocks the world. Barry, Clark, and Kara go to mitigate the damage done by the quake. On Earth-16 (2046), it turns out the baby is in the Arrow command center. Brainy is quickly taken out by the older Oliver there. Sara and Oliver duke it out, but he’s confused by her presence. (Granted not many people want to remember the first season of Legends of Tomorrow. So we can’t blame the guy.) Lois has baby Jonathan and that’s all that matters.

As Oliver, Mia, Ray, and Kate head inside. Oliver asks Mia to go and see her mother after the Crisis is over. Outside, there are like…wraiths of some sort? They look like Dementors meet Time Wraiths.

Oliver, Kate, Ray, and Mia battle the Dementor Wraiths who are trying make for the Tower. Kate gives Ray one of her batarangs, which he quickly upgrades, Kara, Clark, and Barry arrive in order to help with everything.

Nia and Kelly are helping Alex head the evacuation. The Legion ship arrives to help beam people out of the planet. Lena and Alex team up in order to get the transmatter portal working and interfaced with the interdimensional extrapolator.

Sara assures Earth-16 Oliver that getting on the Gambit was her choice, no matter the Earth. She tells him about Earth-1 and says that they had a good life together. Sara tells Earth-16 Oliver that he is a “good man on every Earth” before kissing his cheek. The Dementor Wraiths mess the tower.

Kara and Clark head to the tower in order to get it operational again. Clark and Kara uses their heat vision to get it a power boost.

Lena and Alex are able to finish the transmatter portal. Lena reminds Alex that she is not forgiving them any time soon. Clark and Kara both pass out from the strain as evacuations are underway.

A battle is underway. The Monitor arrives and declare the battle lost and begins portal-ing heroes out. Only Oliver is left to fight but the Monitor is hit…by something knocking him out. Oliver continues his fight against the shadow demons but is out of arrows so goes to good old fisticuffs.

Earth-38 is evacuated just as the anti-matter wave hits the planet.

“Hope that you will see again the faces of those you love. And perhaps even those you’ve lost.” 

The Monitor brings Oliver to Earth-1, who is dying. The Monitor says that Oliver saved a billion lives of Earth-38 due to his actions. Pariah arrives, reveals that he freed the Anti-Monitor as Nash and must bare witness.

Oliver tells Barry and Kara that he needs them to be the ones to save them all. He reminds Mia to go find Felicity and to keep him in her heart before dying. The Monitor says that this is not the ending he foresaw for Oliver. Pariah goes full on doom and gloom.

And that’s where we leave things until Part 2. See you tomorrow.

Bec Heim