All Roads Lead To Russia In Arrow’s Episode “Prochnost”

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Oliver’s suspicions against the Monitor lead Team Arrow to Russia, where they reunite with an old friend. In Arrow‘s, “Prochnost” Family bonds are tested and ultimately strengthened when both Oliver and Mia have to put their skills to the test.

The episode opens with a training sequence many viewers didn’t think they’d ever get to see. Oliver and Mia are in the foundry sparring away, while he tests her reflexes, and her ability to adapt. It’s the sweet bonding moment between father and daughter that we have been waiting for.

Oliver continues to investigate the Monitor and learns that he is after plans for a weapon that could potentially destroy and recreate entire Earths in a flash. The weapon, called the Pulse Wave Generator, was created by General Alexi Burlov and can be found in Russia.

Lyla, who is still secretly working with the Monitor asks Laurel for help retrieving the plans for the weapon before Oliver and his team can get their hands on them. In return she promises to help get her Earth back, so Laurel agrees.

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While Oliver and the kids are headed to Russia for the plans, John sets out to find an old friend – Roy Harper, who is still living under the alias Jason and working in a garage. Together the two head to Bialya, where the government stores excess plutonium which they need for the weapon. However, John’s ulterior motive is to bring Roy back to the team, which he believes is the only way the younger man can learn to control his bloodlust.

John tells him that William, in the future, found Roy by himself on Lian Yu, still struggling with his demons. He also says that working with William and the remaining members of Team Arrow 2040 has given Roy a purpose and helped him get a handle on his bloodlust in the future, and he believes being part of something will help him now. After they successfully extract the plutonium, Roy decides to stick around and re-join the team.

In Russia, Oliver, Mia, William and Laurel meet with Anatoli, whose first lead on General Alexi Burlov takes them to a fight club. The club’s owner expects a good fight in return for information, so Oliver takes on their Goliath with an ease that impresses his children, especially Mia. Things go South quickly, as they do in Russia, and Oliver and Mia are taken captive.

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In captivity, Mia’s skills are tested, and she is forced to fight past a handful of trained men to ring a bell. Despite holding her own, she is unable to ring the bell within 60 seconds and her life is threatened. Laurel, William and Anatoli are able to track their team members and ultimately come to their aid. Following their ordeal, Oliver decides to send his children home, which doesn’t sit well with Mia at all – all the progress they made in the past days lost.

After a pep-talk with Lauren about what makes a hero a hero, Mia confronts her father and refuses to leave. Oliver agrees, and they decide to return to the fight club as a team, providing a distraction for Laurel and Anatoli to steal the flash drive with the plans. After a successful mission, Oliver opens up to his children about his past, including Lian Yu.

In the final moments of the episode, Laurel meets with Lyla, presumably to hand over the plans she acquired. But instead, Laurel says that she no longer wants to be the person she once was, and has revealed Lyla’s foul play to Oliver and John.

Just as they are about to confront her, Team Arrow is taken out with tranquilizer darts …

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