4YE Year In Review Roundtable: The Worst Of TV And Things That Need To Be Left Behind In 2019

In celebrating the best of TV, we also have to recognize the ones who failed us. Believe us when we say that it’s truly you and not us when it comes to why we no longer are invested in watching you. After all, everything must come to an end at some point.

There are various reasons why we just have to quit you.  It could be shoddy writing. Maybe some horrible storylines. Perhaps there were too many out of character moments for us to process. Or lastly, we just simply outgrew you.

Without further ado, here is the worst that TV has to offer and some of the complaints we had about the 2019 television season.

Worst TV Shows

Game of Thrones

The whole eighth season aside from Gendrya happening and Brienne of Tarth being knighted was absolute trash. They did Dany dirty. They did Jon dirty. They did Missandei dirty. No. Just no. It’s like the writers forgot what they were doing and just winged the whole thing.

Big Little Lies

This was a show that should have just ended with its first season. Not even the addition of Meryl Streep and Laura Dern’s performance could have saved this. There wasn’t much story to tell after season one’s finale.

Agents of SHIELD

I used to love this show so much and rooted for it against all odds. It definitely at this point has overstayed its welcome and is coming off as desperate with its storylines now. It should have definitely ended after season 4 with its Agents of Hydra plot.

Doctor Who

I tried to like it. I did. I love Yaz with my entire heart, but none of the episodes, save for “Rosa,” caught my attention. They just were there. 

Shows We Will Be Breaking up With in 2020

All of the Arrowverse except Legends

Very sorry to say this but at the same time, I can’t see myself watching the rest of the shows without Arrow after it ends. Legends is pretty safe for me to continue watching but hopefully, it continues to be the show that doesn’t take itself as serious as the rest.

American Horror Story

Ryan Murphy has fooled this viewer for the last time. 1984 was a bigger trainwreck than Cult and Roanoke combined. This is another series that should have quit back in season 4 while it was still halfway decent.

American Gods

With most of the POC cast gone for the next season, it will be a miracle if it even airs. The behind-the-scenes drama is almost on par with the drama on the actual screen. All of the good actors and characters are just about gone now.

TV And Film Tropes That Need To Stay In 2019

Reboots and Revivals

We have had enough (sort of) with all of the reboots and revivals on both the big screen and small screen. Ti seems like gone are the days of original content and thought. It’s like Hollywood has run out of juice creatively. That being said, we have something different to say about revivals. Give us more of those, as long as it’s plausible. Pick that show up years down the road and let’s revisit some old friends. (Hello, NBC? The West Wing revival is looking good right now.) But reboots need to die. side eyes Power Rangers, Spider-Man, et al.

Continuing Limited Series as ongoing series aka renewing them for second seasons

There are several shows that should have just stayed a limited series. The whole idea of a limited series is that they do not continue on. It’s what intrigues most of us in the first place because these series have a set end and tend to wrap up all the loose ends by the end of their runs. Hollywood definitely needs to learn that just because it was a hit doesn’t mean you need to suck it dry.


Going back to our reboots diatribe from above, the spinoffs have to stop. We don’t need any more Chicago-esque shows, NCIS, or Criminal Minds. We love our one of kind shows.

Long Seasons

Also, this probably isn’t considered a “trope,” but we are standing on our soapbox for a moment. Can the networks stop with the ridiculously demanding and idiotic 22 episode run for their TV shows? I’ve seen reporters lament the fact that no network show was nominated for awards this season. None. A big fat zero. They’re all asking why and I can tell you why. Twenty-two episodes balloons out a narrative into something unsustainable. After a while, characterization is forsaken, the plot ceases to make sense, and the acting starts to lag. 

Twenty-two episodes is too much to write week to week and keep track of things. U.S. networks need to start adopting 13 to 16 episode seasons like cable does to keep the writing fresh and to keep the narrative from going stale or from repeating itself. Sorry, not sorry. It’s just a fact. 


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