4YE Year In Review Roundtable: The Best TV Shows Of 2019


2019’s television season was one for the books. There were a lot of shows to take in and obsess about, filled with moments that will never truly leave us.

With so many big shows that graced our tv sets this year, it’s almost hard to pick out the top ones that made us cry, made us really happy/made our whole year, or shook us to the core as our favorites overall.

That being said, our staff here at 4YE took a few days to marinate on the best TV shows of this past year and have selected the ones that stood out to them.



From the moment this show premiered, it captivated audiences everywhere with its gritty and sometimes fantasy-like portrayal of the rollercoaster ride that are the teen years of one’s lives. Zendaya, as an actress, has managed to break out from the childlike roles of her past and cemented her status a top contender for more dramatic roles in the future.




As someone who has shied away from the whole mess that was Lost, I was intrigued by the thought of its former creator and showrunner taking the reins and rebooting this DC Comic Series as a limited series for HBO. I have a love/hate relationship with the movie version (it’s a guilty pleasure of mine) so I really wasn’t expecting much from this show. I’m glad I checked it out as it turned out to be one of the best series this year. Regina King slayed as its lead along with Jeremy Irons, Jean Smart, and Tim Blake Nelson. As far as endings go, I’m 100% ok with it not coming back for a second season as the conclusion could not have been more perfect. With its infusion of past and present topics along with drawing influence from the original series, this is a must watch.



My summers have greatly been improved thanks to this new series from Ryan Murphy. I was obsessed with it last summer with its too perfect look into the 80s ball world of Drag and had been worried that it would suffer it in its second season. I was very pleased that it managed to outdo itself and get even better. Billy Porter, Dominique Jackson, Mj Rodriguez, and Indya Moore are so fantastic in their roles and had me 100% invested at all times in their storylines. This is the kind of writing and show that I would love for Ryan Murphy to continue with.

Schitt’s Creek


I am so late to the party of this one but boy am I glad that I have finally tuned into this. Eugene and Daniel Levy are comedic gems and Catherine O’Hara is absolutely legendary. SO.MANY.GREAT.MOMENTS. I never thought I would get back into watching a comedy show but they got me good with this one.



Perfect Harmony

 I don’t make the rules. This freshman comedy hit all the right chords for me this year. Plus, it’s nice seeing Bradley Whitford back on network television and looking like he’s enjoying himself. 



Did you really think you’d get away from this? I mean, really? This show came out of left field and hit it out of the park. 

The Handmaid’s Tale

Did I mention I might have a slight crush on Bradley Whitford? If I didn’t, this probably just solidifies it. Commander Lawrence is a great addition to the cast of characters and the perfect foil for June.

The Umbrella Academy

Guys, I loved this show. So much. I thought it was fun and well thought out. I can’t wait for the second season.




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