4YE Year In Review Roundtable: The Best And Worst Films Of 2019

2019 is coming to a close soon, which leads us to that magical time of the year where our staff takes a look back at some of their favorite things about this year in pop culture and some of our not so favorite as well.

This year gave us quite a lot to take in when it came to the big screen. We got it all this year: some returning faves in sequels, new heroes (or she-roes) to look up to, and films that had us grabbing our kleenex with every scene.

Without further ado, take a look at what films we at 4YE have selected to be our winners for 2019.

Avengers: Endgame

There was no way this one wasn’t making it on my list for this year. It was the epic conclusion to the Infinity War Saga ten years in the making. So many tears were shed as we said goodbye to several of our faves for good (RIP Tony Stark), and the film absolutely nailed all of its big moments that I still love to rewatch to this day.

Knives Out

 I was surprised about how much I was going to enjoy this one. Murder Mysteries usually aren’t my thing to be honest but this cast was stellar from start to finish. Rian Johnson should be super proud for putting this one together. Additionally, I had forgotten how good Chris Evans was at playing a jerk. 


Spider-Man: Far From Home

 I wasn’t quite ready for how emotional this movie was going to make me. I thought it would be a fun followup to Endgame. I was so wrong. Tom Holland’s Peter Parker went through an emotional rollercoaster in this film in dealing with his grief over the loss of his mentor and father figure Tony Stark. Jake Gyllenhaal also crushed it as Mysterio, one of the most complex villains in the MCU so far. 



Captain Marvel

 I loved this film. I’ve broken up with Marvel on the whole, for the most part, but Carol Danvers changed my mind. Just a little bit. Just a tiny bit. I thought it sidelined Carol in her own story, but I thoroughly enjoyed the film despite that. 


Lady and the Tramp


Despite it being sadly only released through Disney+, I found the remake to be a breath of fresh air. They made Jim Dear and Darling a multi-racial couple! In the Victorian Era! There were brown people everywhere! It was so worth it. 


Lego Movie 2


 Ah, good old fashioned kid’s fodder. What can I say? While it wasn’t as fresh as the first film, I still found this one enjoyable. Plus, it’s Chris Pratt as an affable Lego minifig. What’s not to love? 

Worst Movies

Midway: A great cast that was poorly used in this film. Too much was going on in it, and it didn’t seem as cohesive as it could have been production-wise.

All of the Holiday Movies on Netflix and Hallmark: You know that there is such a thing as too much. Netflix and Hallmark definitely overdid with the sappy holiday tropes in their films. I think they need a time out as they oversaturated the market with holiday films this year.


Detective Pikachu: I will admit that I had been initially excited about this movie as it was going to bring the Pokemon I loved as a kid to life. Aside from Ryan Reynolds being a fantastic choice to voice Pikachu, the rest of the film, plot-wise, fell very flat.



Dark PhoenixIs it unwatchable? No. Will I watch it again? Probably not, but maybe? I don’t know. It straddles a fine line.



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