William And Kara Team Up In “Dangerous Liaisons” On Supergirl

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Supergirl fans!

Last week, Malefic made his move against J’onn while Kelly and James went into hiding. Incepting Alex, Malefic made a grab for a weapon to destroy Green Martians. J’onn came clean to his family about what happened on Mars with his brother. Kara encouraged J’onn to reach out to Malefic. It didn’t work so J’onn sent him to the Phantom Zone. Or, well, to Lena’s lab as Lena plans on using Malefic’s unique physiology in order to move onto her whole “mind control humanity into being nice” plan.

James and Kelly went back to Calvintown where they lived with their aunt after their dad died. They found the place turned into a hellhole thanks to a new prison and deep-seated corruption. Meeting a local kid, James decides to buy the local paper in order to fight corruption through the power of the press. This ends up being Mehcad Brooks’ exit from the show.

Brainy and Nia both struggle with their relationship. In the end, it came down to Brainy having to ask for help and Nia to understand where Brainy is coming from.

Oh also William’s a really nice guy, still works for his old paper, and is under deep cover in order to investigate Andrea Rojas for a piece. Kara doesn’t entirely buy it, but it looks like they’re going to have to team up.

Let’s see what happens next, shall we?

Come Play With Us: Andrea Rojas has the launch for the Obsidian North VR lenses with the world’s creepiest, most Black Mirror commercial. William continues to kiss ass while undercover. Andrea wants everyone to write about the Obsidian North’s launch for the VR lenses. Nia still suspects William, but Kara is keeping his cover. Kelly asks Kara her opinion for a gift for their date anniversary, Kara gives her the very specific specifications of a motorcycle helmet. She and William meet where she offers help. Kara tells him that she can help with her connection to Alex. William has to sign an NDA and let Kara help him. Kara wins. Lena, Hope, and Malefic continue their little experiment. It looks like Malefic is not entirely on board as he incepts Hope. William and Kara watch Alex interrogate the woman who tried to kill Kara last week. She mentions someone named Rip Roar, which gets William’s hackles up. That gets him kicked out of the interrogation. It turns out Rip Roar murdered William’s best friend, who had suspicions of the Rojas family. At Fort Summit Army Base, Rip Roar kills a guard and steals Luthor tech.

Vanish: Kara goes to visit J’onn and asks him to check into William’s friend, Russell. They then check in with each other. Kara feels like she’s losing her sense of reality and certainty. J’onn tells her that the only thing that is certain in life is people who love them. The DEO learns of the break-in at Fort Summit, where a weapon called the Marathon Racer was stolen. It’s an assassin’s dream, attacking from 26.2 miles away. While they don’t know anything from the first assassin, Brainy suggests asking the spider tattoos. Malefic and Lena have a little talk. He doesn’t trust her motives. In order to get what Lena wants, Malefic wants her to stop the curse that keeps him from harming his brother. Lena agrees to his terms. Brainy allows the spider-alien to use him as a conduit. Spider tattoos know nothing, but reveals an even bigger conspiracy. Kara wants to act, but Alex wants caution. They need to investigate. Kara’s just scared that Andrea will be the next Lex Luthor. The old woman who talked with Eve about Leviathan at the end of season 4, who tells Rip Roar to “do what Lex Luthor failed to do, change the world”.

Break-In: Lena, Malefic, and Hope continue their work. She says that Malefic works on a unique frequency with his Q-waves. They want to isolate it. Kelly and Alex have a little dinner date at the DEO, talking about the launch of the VR lenses. Kara and William both break into Andrea’s office. While William tries to hack her computer, Kara finds a secret compartment. It turns out that Andrea and Russell dated at the time of his death. The next day Rip Roar killed Russell and attacked William. In the present, William knows that he’s on the right track with Rip Roar, Andrea, and Russell’s death. Kara urges caution with William in regard to his story. Alex calls Kara and tells her that she needs to go to New Mexico. In New Mexico, Kara confronts Rip Roar, who declares she knows nothing and is out of her depths. Kara gets hit with the Marathon Runner, which has an odd effect on her. She tells Alex that she needs J’onn.

Tidal: J’onn and Kara capture Rip Roar. Alex and Brainy say that they will get Dreamer, but Kara needs to stop the water from gushing out of the hole in the Antarctic. Meanwhile, the VR launch has begun with many people in a little fantasy world as Death bears down on them. Kara and J’onn work getting things in order on their end. William uses the VR tech to imagine telling Andrea off. Nia in full Dreamer mode heads to the Waterfront to stop the tidal wave from hitting National City. She blasts dream energy at it to stop it. It works while Alex saves fleeing civilians. Kara and J’onn are able to plug up the hole.

“They”: Rip Roar has biologically adhered technology to his body. He evades all the truth forcing methods. It’s not the Rojas’ though as the tidal wave would have wiped out a major part of their manufacturing. Whoever it controls, it’s not them. Heading into work, Kelly sees the report on the tidal wave and has a panic attack. Nia goes to see what’s wrong. She almost saw Alex die yesterday when saving people. She can’t shake the pit in her stomach of dread. Lena, meanwhile, informs Malefic that she didn’t get rid of his block. She then incepts him, which I’m sure it will end well. Alex and Kelly have a make-up date where Alex gives her a motorcycle helmet so Kelly can be her riding partner. William stares at his board as Kara visits him. He’s confused about everything. It gets even more confusing. Based on the DNA, Rip Roar is Russell. William thanks Kara for her help. The old woman from Leviathan meets Andrea in the car, telling her that Rip Roar is their newest problem.

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