Vanessa Hudgens Falls In Love With A Time Traveling Medieval Knight In Knight Before Christmas Trailer

Credit: Netflix

Some movies are just meant to be pure fantasy. Every movie involving a prince falling in love with you average girl or being able to quit your high-paying job to run a bed-and-breakfast, those are just pure wish-fulfillment.

Sometimes, there are the fantasies where you get the knight in shining armor or a guy from a time when good manners reigned. You want him plucked from his time but without all the inherent racism and sexism and other isms from his time period. Kate and Leopold is a great example of this kind of fantasy. (That ending bothers us, but another story for another day.)

Netflix’s The Knight Before Christmas is exactly that kind of pure indulgent fantasy that we need in our lives. Brooke (Vanessa Hudgens) is just your ordinary teacher who accidentally runs over time traveling medieval knight Sir Cole (Josh Whitehouse). After a trip to the hospital and figuring he had amnesia, she takes Sir Cole back to her place.


He’s charming and polite and has a code and courtly manners. He looks at her like she hangs the sun. He teaches her niece(?) how to sword fight. He’s like a storybook knight brought to life and gives Brooke some faith in the impossible along the way.

The trailer is two minutes of pure fluff. The time travel is super refreshing. Give us less movies about Princes in countries where everyone has British accents. Give us more hot, sensitive, progressive thinking time traveling men sweeping women off their feet.

The Knight Before Christmas hits Netflix on Thursday, Nov. 21.

Bec Heim