The Flash Begins “The Last Temptation Of Barry Allen” In This Week’s Episode

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Flash fans!

We’re in the home stretch for Crisis on Infinite Earths. We’re under two weeks away from the crossover premiering. It looks like Barry is going to struggle hard given that this is a truly defined two-parter “The Last Temptation of Barry Allen”.

A refresher for what happened last week first. Nash teamed up with newbie reporter Allegra in order to use her powers to get past the Eternium so he can get into the Monitor’s lair and kill him. The duo bonded and it’s clear Nash is reminded of someone with Allegra. By the way, she also knows about the multiverse and that Barry is the Flash. Sure. Hopefully that comes up.

Barry and Ralph go chase a lead for the Dearbon case. Barry tries to rush everything so he can get Ralph back home for a surprise ceremony at CCPD. James Bond hijinks ensue and they save Central City thanks to the power of teamwork and Barry and Ralph being Barry and Ralph. Ralph is recognized as another official hero of Central City. Barry gets a special medal for his work as a CSI.

Cecile bonds with Chester P. Runk, who is not longer a black hole. She projects her own fears on him about her new career change to metahuman attorney. Chester asks out Natalie, but fails. He celebrates that success.

Let’s see what happens this week, shall we?

Wrath: We follow as Ramsey and Ralph fall off the roof, fighting each other along the way. Ralph is able to use his stretchy powers to dodge the attacks. Unfortunately, he gets hit by Ramsey’s blood. Ramsey then drains his infected blood out of Ralph’s body. He declares that life demands the death of Ralph. Killer Frost arrives to find Ralph dying. Killer Frost turns into Caitlin back at STAR Labs so she can save Ralph’s life. In order to save Ralph, Barry has to do a blood transfusion by literally phasing his blood into Ralph’s body. It works. Ralph is moved to secure medical facility for his recovery. Barry suddenly feels the ticking of the Crisis arriving (two days away). Iris assures Barry that he’s done the work and they are ready. Barry returns home to find Ramsey waiting for him, wanting to talk. He reveals he knows Barry is the Flash.

Envy: Ramsey continues to piece together Barry’s origin story. Apparently, he can move past Barry’s punch. He wants to know if he was there when Barry died in his billions of permutations of his death. Barry says he wasn’t. Ramsey says that he should be scared. It’s the end of the world as Barry sees an anti-matter wave. It turns out to be a nightmare. Allegra continues to be a little annoying, passive aggressively pouting over not learning Barry’s secret identity from the start. She brings up the Flash missing in Crisis story on Iris’s laptop. Iris and Kamilla, however, want to investigate the mystery handler of Esperanza. Allegra and Iris track down the mystery guy, who is a transporter. Whatever the wealthy need, he transports. Allegra continues to probe, trying to get Iris to confess about the Flash. Barry returns home from seeing Caitlin, who has medically cleared him. He checks his apartment for Ramsey when he gets a vision of his mother. He asks if it’s a nightmare, but she says it’s much worse than that.

Gethsemane: It’s not Nora talking to him, but the Speed Force. The Speed Force tells him that by saving Ralph’s life, he’s absorbed a small amount of Ramsey’s blood. Now Ramsey knows about everything and has infected Barry’s entire body and mind. His speed healing is trying to hold off Ramsey, but Barry must resist him. Ramsey wants control of him so he can bend Barry to his will. Allegra reveals to Iris that she knows Barry’s secret. She also wants to know about the Crisis and the article Iris is avoiding to write. Iris’s story about the Iris is what inspired Allegra to become a reporter. She tells Iris to write the article, even though it’s hard. She will never forgive herself otherwise. Barry’s mind takes him to Thanksgiving with family and friends. Ramsey invades his memory and Barry sees his loved ones eating black blood. Ramsey says that he wants to offer Barry a gift: everything. Ramsey taunts Barry with the news of his impending death and Iris, shows him a graveyard full of his mistakes and dead loved ones. He wants to Barry to join him and be immortal. Barry sees Ramsey standing over a crib with baby Nora in it. Ramsey says that everything he sees is coming from Barry. He sees his friends and loved ones tell him that everything will fall to ruin without him. Even Thawne shows up to say that Negative Speed Force has destroyed everything. Ramsey wants him to achieve more than he ever could. Barry sees himself “saving” others with Ramsey’s blood. He sees little Nora in his arms. Ramsey wants him to embrace it. Barry admits that he has doubts. He is taken away before he can agreed to Ramsey’s plan by the Speed Force, who tells him to gather his strength and focus.

Greed: The guy that Iris and Allegra interviewed earlier has been killed in a car bomb. Kamilla, Iris, and Allegra double down on their commitment to find out just what’s going on. Team Citizen is on the case! Barry confesses his doubt to the Speed Force. He’s been looking forward to his future, admitting he doesn’t want to leave those he loves. He doesn’t want to die. The Speed Force assures him that no one is immune to fear and doubt. The courage to move forward in the face of overwhelming odds is what makes him a hero and the Flash. The Speed Force says that Ramsey never lies, but manipulates the truth. The Speed Force confirms that Ramsey’s cells will save Barry from Crisis. Barry starts to lose it. Cisco and Frost finally get the alert about Barry’s condition and go get him.

Wrath: Barry finally unloads on the Speed Force, blaming it for every bad thing in his life after The Flash. Cisco wants Caitlin to come out, but Frost has a panic attack thinking of Ralph. The Speed Force begs Barry to understand, saying there are universal forces that must be protected. Ramsey and the Speed Force become the angel and devil on his shoulder. Speed Force tells Barry to fight and that Ramsey is twisting his life. He then pulls a Thawne pulls the “heart” out of the Speed Force so it knows the pain of his mother. Ramsey ties the Speed Force down and tells Barry to accept the offer to take command of his life. Cisco, however, injects Barry with his own blood to save him. The Speed Force tells him that while Ramsey will save Barry’s body, his soul will be destroyed. Barry is pulled between Ramsey and the Speed Force, who tells him to choose. He beats it. (Or it looks that way.)

Sloth: Iris finally writes the article about Barry’s disappearance during the Crisis. She then gets a text about Barry’s near-death brush with Ramsey. Nash, meanwhile, prepares to enter the Monitor’s lair. It’s not a lair. There are a bunch of symbols, Nash saying that the Monitor has nowhere left to run. Barry describes what happened with Ramsey and fighting the infection. Barry wants to stop Ramsey in the time they have before the Crisis hits. Cisco checks in with Frost, who says she is sitting out Crisis so Caitlin can handle any medical emergencies. Iris arrives to find Barry working. There does some to be something off with Barry, who gets jumpy when Iris presses to leave. Iris tells Frost and Cisco that that’s not Barry. When Cisco approaches him, they see that Barry is infected and his lightning has turned black. He knocks them all out, destroys the cortex, and goes to Ramsey. Barry takes a knee to Ramsey.

See you next week for the conclusion!

Bec Heim