The Angel Of Vine Podcast Is Returning For Season: Here’s Why Joe Manganiello Revived It

Credit: iHeartMedia

If you love audio drama podcasts, then chances are you’ve stumbled across Angel of Vine.

This Serial-esque podcast follows journalist Oliver (Oliver Vaquer) as he comes into possession of tapes from retired (and recently deceased) P.I. Hank Briggs (Joe Manganiello). Briggs was commissioned to solve the infamous and gruesome murder of the Angel of Vine. Using a special portable audio recording system, Hank records confrontations, confessions, and more of the case that destroyed him and his family.

It’s a great and gripping podcast. Highly recommended. It also, however, is pretty self-contained.

Nonetheless, Joe Manganiello plans on bringing back Angel of Vine in Spring 2020 with Vaquer and Ryan Martz for a brand new story.

According to Entertainment Weekly, it all comes down to Manganiello’s love of noir.

“Even though I saw Chinatown as a young man, I didn’t fully understand the implications of the L.A water trade, and I found that really fascinating when I got to L.A. These are fictional characters facing real-life circumstances. That’s a sort of metaphor for the surprises in the upcoming season.”

According to iHeartMedia, who helps produce the podcast, the second season will pick up where the first season left off. It’s 1959 in Palm Springs, CA with a new victim, suspects, and clues that have Hank returning back to Angel of Vine.

Manganiello also says that the “dark history of Los Angeles” will also play into the story.

“The theatrical convention is the crux of the story.”

Manganiello will not be the only voice actor from the first season returning. Alfred Molina (Leonard Shaw) and Constance Zimmer (Phyllis Briggs-Turner) will also return. Joining the cast is Patton Oswalt and Kevin Pollak.

As for why Manganiello is happy to do podcasts, he says that it allows ideas that would be hard to mark in theory (such as period pieces) easier.

“The podcast format allows great ideas and great writing to be birthed much quicker.”

Angel of Vine returns Spring 2020.

Bec Heim