Steven Universe: Future Releases Teaser And Unveils December Premiere Date

Credit: Cartoon Network

Here we are in the future with Steven Universe.

Just because everything seems well and good with the universe doesn’t mean all is well. In the first trailer for the epilogue miniseries Steven Universe: Future, we see that Steven (Zach Callison) and his friends still have baggage to deal with. (Especially Steven.)

The trailer features Jasper trying to kill Steven, new fusions, the cracked Pink Pearl having some kind of crisis, Rose Quartz, and Steven…going pink? Huh. It all looks unwell for our favorite half-human, half-gem hybrid.

Maybe Steven’s hope about the past being in the past isn’t what he will get.

Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar shared her thoughts on the limited series with TVLine.

“This limited series is, for many of us who have been with the crew since the very beginning, our chance to reflect and to give the last few pieces of the puzzle we’ve been designing since 2012. But it’s also our chance to look forward, to work with new artists and writers and feature their voices within the Steven Universe universe. I’m so grateful to the team that came together on Future, and so excited for the world to see what’s next for Steven Universe.”

Steven Universe: Future returns on Saturday, Dec. 7 at 8/7c on Cartoon Network with a whooping four back-to-back episodes.

Bec Heim