New Lucifer Photo Shows The Devil Himself Getting A Visitor In Hell

Credit: Netflix

At the beginning of Lucifer‘s fifth season, our favorite Devil (Tom Ellis) is stuck back in Hell following an attempted demonic uprising. In order to protect his loved ones, Lucifer returns to the throne that he abdicated even though Chloe (Lauren German) confessed her love to him (and vice versa).

Even though Lucifer is in Hell, it doesn’t mean he will be without familiar faces for long.

In a new image from Entertainment Weekly, we see Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) descend into the pit in order to see his brother.

Credit: Netflix via EW

Why does it have to be evil looking clowns?

Speaking with EW, Woodside teased that Amenadiel is heading to Hell because of necessity. He teased that something really bad is happening on Earth for Amenadiel to go to Hell.

“There has to be something very, very bad happening on Earth for Amenadiel to go down to Hell. There has to be an extremely strong, perhaps an otherworldly reason for him to visit Hell.”

If Woodside had to guess for Amenadiel’s journey to the Underworld, then it would come down to little baby Charlie (his son with Rachel Harris’ Linda).

“Amenadiel, once again, there has to be something really bad happening on Earth for Amenadiel to leave his son. My guess is it could have something to do with Charlie. It could have something to do with the fact that he feels the need to protect his son, and the only way to he can protect his son is to leave him.”

Color us intrigued.

Lucifer season 5 will air in two eight-episode parts on Netflix.

Bec Heim