New Christmas Movie Queen Vanessa Hudgens Talks The Knight Before Christmas And The Princess Switch

Credit: Netflix

Netflix is releasing its newest “I can’t believe this exist but it does” Christmas movie on Thursday,The Knight Before Christmas. We have to admit that we’re pretty excited.

Time traveling progressive knight falls in love with teacher Vanessa Hudgens? Yes. A million times yes. We’re more than ready to see this fill every single one of our fantasies. This will be doubly true if Sir Cole (Josh Whitehouse) stays in the future, which will fix that one big plot hole from Kate & Leopold. 

Talking with Entertainment Weekly, Hudgens talked about being as grounded as possible in a movie with a time-traveling knight involved. The Knight Before Christmas will be the first film Hudgens had executive produced.

“I wanted it to feel as grounded as possible since it’s already a heightened reality. I went through and took a stab at a lot of my dialogue, and the lovely thing about being an EP is that it was actually heard and put into the script! Ten years ago I wouldn’t have even thought about becoming an executive producer, and now everyone is being respected and seen. There are no boundaries. If you want to do it, do it.”

As for her new Queen of Christmas title, it’s definitely a moniker that Hudgens is taking to with glee.

“I mean, I’m not mad at it. I think that’s amazing. The reason why I started doing these Christmas films is because holidays can be stressful, and I love the fact that we have films to find escapism.”

As for why she thinks that time traveling knights pair so well with Christmas, Hudgens shared that it’s part of the holiday magic.

“From an early age, we believe in Santa Claus! So, I think you associate magic with this time of year. Everyone wants to believe in the magic of Father Christmas, so we suspend our disbelief from the get-go.”

As for her other projects, Hudgens is excited to bring a third character into the mix with The Princess Switch‘s recently greenlit sequel.

“We get to bring in another lookalike, which I’m really excited to create a whole other character and have a whole other myself to act with.”

She also shared her excitement for non-Christmas movie, Tick, Tick…BOOM! Hudgens will co-star with Andrew Garfield and be directed by Lin-Manuel Miranda (making his directorial debut with the project).

“I love Jonathan Larson’s work so much, so to be able to bring it to people’s screens at home is something that’s so special for me. Lin is so talented and passionate about this project. ”

The Knight Before Christmas will be released on Thursday, Nov. 21.

Bec Heim