Legends Of Tomorrow Cast On What Makes Them The Best (And Weirdest) Super Family On TV

Credit: The CW

Legends of Tomorrow will debut its fifth in 2020. (Crisis on Infinite Earths doesn’t count as it is considered a “special episode” of the series.)

With decade retrospectives released, Legends finds itself mentioned amongst some of the greatest TV shows of the past decade. Pretty good given its rocky first season, if you ask us.

Talking with Entertainment Weekly for the special Arrowverse issue of the magazine, the cast of Legends of Tomorrow shared how they’ve become one big, weird super family.

It turns out that while the Legends writers take walks over at Disneyland (lucky), the cast of Legends hang out at Matt Ryan’s house.

Ryan said, “What happened was, last year, my first year on the show, I got a one bedroom flat and it was amazing. But my mum came over and then my dad came over, and then my brother came over, and they all came over at different times and I wasn’t able to house them. So this year I was like, “Okay, I’m going to get a two bedroom place.” As a result, I’ve got a nice little balcony, which we’ve done a couple cookouts on, and a little piano and stuff. It’s actually been really, really lovely. I do feel like there is a real family sense on Legends.”

Zano had a funny story to share. “Matt had my son at his house and they’re on the balcony together, and Matt had a rosemary bush. He was teaching my son to like rub his fingers on the rosemary plant and then smell his fingers so he could smell the rosemary. My son was like infatuated with it and fell in love with Matt. Cut to two days ago, I was at a flower shop with my son and he’s squeezing the hell out of these roses. I’m like, “What are you doing?” He goes, “This is how you smell them,” and he’s smelling his fingers. I’m like, “Who taught you that?” And he’s like, “Your worker friend Matt.” I’m just like, “No, man.””

As for the most memorable moment, Caity Lotz said that it was fighting Julius Caesar in the season three premiere.

“It was like summertime and it was just nice to be out on the beach too. And, yeah, directing this season has been just such a cool, cool experience.”

Ryan, Zano, and Tala Ashe agreed that it was when he did naked yoga in season four. It’s also one of the memorable moments over at 4 Your Excitement.

Zano also ranked the day when he, Lotz, and Adam Tsekhman dressed in the costumes of Arrow, Supergirl, and The Flash.

As for the evolution of the show, Dominic Purcelll said that it’s because how much fun they’re having on the show that the audience has a blast as well.

“All of us were completely surprised by that because the first season really wasn’t something that was working, and now it is. Now, I love the show. The critics love it. The fans love it. I love it. The cast love it. You can tell how much fun we’re having on the show, and I think that’s why it has become so successful.”

Legends of Tomorrow premieres officially on Tuesday, Jan 21 at 9/8c on the CW.

Bec Heim