Juliana Takes A Major Risk To Reach Helen In The Man In The High Castle’s “Hitler Has Only Got One Ball”

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Kido Faces an Ending and the BCR Sees a Beginning

It’s one month after the Emperor announced Japan would withdraw from the Pacific States. In a meeting with the Reich, Admiral Inokuchi agrees to sell them Japan’s nuclear arsenal to prevent the weapons from falling into the hands of the BCR and because Japan doesn’t care what happens to the area once they’re gone. They just want their oil. John Smith was also hoping to get his hands on any BCR files but Kido has had them all destroyed.

Japanese citizens are frantically evacuating from the Pacific States. Despite having his men search thoroughly, no one can find Kido’s son. The final ships depart for Japan in 72 hours. At the moment, Toru is meeting with the head of the Yakuza, whom we haven’t seen in a while. Okami runs the Japanese mafia and also owns Toru because of the young man’s drug debt. Toru offers to perform any service, even murder, to pay off his debt but what Okami wants is Kido. Toru refuses. 

Inokuchi orders Kido and his men to get on the last ship before it leaves. Kido is reluctant since many innocent Japanese citizens are being attacked and his men are attempting to keep the peace. Ultimately, he shares a toast with his men and lets his hardass exterior break for a moment to tell them they’ve made him proud. He sends them to the docks but stays behind in his office. Kido calls Okami to negotiate for his son and is told where to meet. He has even left the building when someone knocks him out. It’s a small group of white men who are going to lynch Kido for the, admittedly, horrible things he’s done for many years. They string him up on the stairs where he almost died in Frank’s explosion. But the BCR intervene just in time. 

Despite knowing who Kido is and what he’s done, the BCR won’t sanction a lynching. Instead, they march Kido towards a safe room to lock him up. On the way, Elijah asks about his father, who was arrested many years ago, but Kido doesn’t remember him. Unknowingly, they lock the Inspector in the gas chamber, the same room where Kido killed Frank’s family.

While raiding an apparently abandoned building, the BCR encounter Okami. He calmly explains that the Yakuza are not leaving for Japan. The BCR will need them to restore running water, provide oil, and turn on the electricity. Mallory is adamant that they won’t need the Yakuza for anything. Okami walks out unharmed and smug.

Big Brother

John Smith is brought tapes of commanding officers in the Reich saying their hold in American could fail just like Japan’s. In response, Hoover wants to wiretap everyone in the Reich. John seems inclined to agree but wants to see a plan first. Alone with his former army buddy, Bill, John requests to hear any future tapes before Hoover. It’s unclear if he realizes that wiretapping everyone includes himself and his family.

While Christmas shopping with Amy, wife companion Martha spots a man watching them. She follows him to the bathroom and threatens him at knifepoint because she believes he’s a pedophile. In actuality, he’s Resistance. Erwin reports to Juliana, Wyatt, and the rest of their team that Helen has a dress fitting tomorrow at 10 am. Despite his reluctance to encounter Martha again, he agrees to help Juliana get access to Helen. As a precaution, Wyatt gives everyone cyanide capsules. Then, to lighten the mood, they sing a popular Resistance holiday song, “Hitler Has Only Got One Ball”, while Wyatt and Juliana dance along.

The next day, the Resistance manages to lure Martha away. Juliana slips into the dressing room. Helen recognizes her immediately but doesn’t yell for help. Juliana tells her Thomas is alive, John has visited him, and the proof is in the films John keeps at home or in his office. She hands her a slip of paper too. While this is happening, the others distract Martha but she eventually catches up with Erwin. He uses the cyanide pill. Helen is quickly ushered out of the store and claims she saw and spoke to no one. She even lies to John that she’s grateful for Martha’s presence. The Resistance is unsure if Erwin’s sacrifice was worth it.

Soon after, John returns to the portal. Thomas is due to ship out soon and John wants to know as soon as he’s on leave. Then he visits Abendson. Earlier, the man’s wife had killed herself and he tried to do the same but was prevented from dying. Unwilling to help John any further, Abendson’s last piece of advice is this: John is cursed and will never know peace because he has messed with fate. 

Abendson may be right. Wilhelm is waiting in John’s office back in New York. John has been summoned to Berlin, which can never be a good thing, and Wilhelm is there to make sure he arrives. They leave at dawn. John pours them each a drink and they toast to the Fuhrer. Later, alone in his office, John is visited again by Bill. He has a tape of Henry, Jenny’s sweet friend, who was interrogated about the Smiths and has revealed all Jenny has told him. Bill reports that everyone is being made to inform on the Smiths, including their longtime maid. 

Bill makes a bold suggestion. They have more nuclear bombs than anyone. Why not use them as a deterrent and become their own country separate from Berlin or even the Reich? But John isn’t so sure. He plans to still go to Berlin. He gives Bill a key to his safe and instructions to take care of Helen and the girls if anything happens to him.

Stray Observations:

  • As a thank you for his help, the Crown Princess sends Childan a letter of transit that will allow him to go to Japan. Yukiko suggests they go together so Childan proposes. After first being confused at this Western tradition, Yukiko accepts and they are married soon after. 
  • Abendson believes his wife killed herself because there was no other means of escape but the truth is she probably wanted to remove herself as the only leverage the Reich has against her husband. He has no reason to cooperate now. 
  • “Hitler Has Only Got One Ball” is a real song made up by the British in WWII to mock the Nazis. It’s sung to the tune of “Colonel Bogey March”.
Stephanie Coats