It’s Allen Barry In A Danielle Panabaker-Directed James Bond Inspired Episode Of The Flash

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Flash fans!

After a week hiatus, we’re back and ready to see Barry and Team Flash continue their fight against Russell Ramsey and prep for the upcoming Crisis. Last time, Cisco took center stage when Barry and Iris head out of town on a vacation. We learned that Gypsy had died tracking down an interdimensional bad guy named Echo with Breacher coming to get Cisco’s help.

It turns out that Echo was an alternate version of Cisco, who planned on setting his Earth-1 counterpart up to take the fall. He and Kamilla also confessed their love for each other. Caitlin briefly took over from Killer Frost to try to reach out to Ramsey, who wasn’t having it. He threatened to kill her and make her like him next time he saw her.

Meanwhile, Joe got stuck underground with Nash Wells. The two of them talked a lot about faith in the interim. The talk worked so well that Nash convinced Team Flash to join him because he had the key to saving Barry’s life.

Or so he believes.

Let’s see what happens this week, shall we?

Myths: Team Flash heads down to the tunnel that Nash was investigating. He tells them that the Monitor is a liar and a false god. He believes that there is a secret hideout. The doorway is closed off by Eternium, which could go badly if hit the wrong way. So Nash needs an artifact to handle digging. Lukily, he knows what artifact he means. Chester Runk is officially cured of his brush with a Balck Hole. He is totally left alone in STAR Labs, where he has an excellent time exploring everything. He also learned that he’s believed to be dead. Barry shows Joe an official Elongated Man emblem. He has plans on passing the torch to Ralph. It’s a surprise so when Ralph plans to blow off the “deposition” for his Dearbon case, Barry tags along to make sure Ralph can be there. The two make plans to go undercover at a gala event.

Dapper: Barry and Ralph head inside and undercover. They need to get into a special room in order to meet anyone who’s anyone. The woman that Ralph and Barry try to charm figures out that they crashed the event and tells them to leave before someone scary finds them. Ralph, however, gets the VIP ticket off her. Nash tracks Allegra’s wavelength signature to the Central City Citizen, who wants to know why he looks like Harrison Wells. He realizes that she is the UV emitter that he needs to do a dig. She refuses. He makes a deal with Allegra: her help for his story. Cecile helps Chester gets his identity reestablished, but she doesn’t want him to leave as he is her only client. She offers to help him track down Natalie as Jitterz is closed. Barry and Ralph sneak into the VIP room where they meet Remington Meister. When Ralph mentions Sue’s name, Meister freezes up. Barry notices the dress that Meister’s date is wearing the same one of kind dress that Sue bought. It costs him and Ralph further conversation with Meister, who puts security aka Esperanza/Ultraviolet on Barry and Ralph’s tail.

Rush: Barry wants to give up on the lead and go back to Central City for his surprise tomorrow. Ralph, however, points out that everyone there is a major criminal. He wants to keep digging without their powers. Time and a place, Barry. Cecile sets up a meeting between Chester and Natalie, trying to help Chester land a date with Killer Frost’s help. It doesn’t go well at all. Poor Chester blows it with Natalie. Killer Frost learns that Cecile is having a crisis over her job change. Allegra continues questioning Nash, who reveals every secret including Barry’s identity. When Allegra learns that Nash wants to kill Novu, she freezes on using her powers and refuses. Allegra leaves. Ralph and Barry do their own ways of investigating. Ralph learns about a weapon called the Ring of Fire. They both get captured.

Stuck: Ralph and Barry wake up stuck to each other in a big meta dampener. Meister really embraces the Bond villain clichés in the moment, complete with a laser of death and destroying Central City. Allegra returns back to Nash after getting lost in the tunnels. He deduces that Allegra is scared of becoming Esperanza. Nash tells her that they make their choices, no one else. Allegra is able to use her powers so Nash can see the Eternium. Cecile goes to visit Chester and apologize about what happened with Natalie. Cecile is scared because the D.A.’s office replaced her so easily and if she fails in her new job, then what does she have? Chester is inspired to go ask out Natalie without any gimmicks. While tied together, Barry tells Ralph about his plans to pass the torch. Ralph says that both sides of their identities have value. Barry Allen is just as important as the Flash. They duo try to destroy the laser cannon, but set it off. Barry uses the pattern of the cannon to break the dampener.

Cabal of Evil: Meister has gathered everyone for his auction over the Ring of Fire. He set the coordinates for the Ring of Fire to hit Central City. Barry wanders on stage pretending to drunk and distracting Ultraviolet for Ralph. Ralph, meanwhile, handles Meister. It’s not enough as Meister is able to begin the countdown for the destruction of Central City. Barry is able to knock out Ultraviolet by bringing the stage lights down on her. Ralph takes down Meister with a camera flash. The duo are able to explode the Ring of Fire in space.

Torches: Joe announces that Meister’s crime ring is over to Barry and Ralph. Chester tells Cecile that he asked out Natalie and she said no. While she said no to him, he said yes to himself. Cecile shows off her new business cards to him, telling Chester to not be a stranger at STAR Labs. Nash and Allegra have a bonding moment in the Central City Citizen offices. He thanks her for her help. It looks like Nash wants to say something to Allegra, but…he doesn’t. Barry, in Flash wear, holds the conference for Ralph to give him recognition. He pins the emblem on Ralph’s costume. Ralph, in full Elongated Man garb, calls up Barry in his civilian identity. They publicly thank Barry for his work as a CSI and give him the CCPD’s Medal of Honor. Ralph shows a picture he took at Meister’s party to Iris. It shows Ultraviolet’s handler. When Iris goes inside, Ralph is attacked by Ramsey!

Bec Heim