Frozen 2 Songwriters On Going “Into The Unknown” With The Sequel

Credit: Disney

Frozen 2 finally released over the weekend. Needless to say, we’re all an emotional mess of feelings. We are just full of so many feelings over the story.

One thing that both fans and critics loved about the sequel was the new songs from Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, who returned from the first film. The duo penned seven new songs for the sequel to the 2013 smash that birthed “Let It Go”.

Talking with The Hollywood Reporter, the duo went through each song and discussed the thought process for it. What we’re most interested in is the cheesy, fun 80s style “Lost in the Woods” and the powerful “Into the Unknown”.

On “Into the Unknown”, which functions as big musical centerpiece for the movie, Anderson-Lopez said that they weren’t worried about making the next “Let It Go”.

“We promised ourselves, and we were given permission by Chris and Jen from the very beginning, don’t worry about trying to do “Let It Go.” Because if you ever tried to write “Let It Go,” it would be a disaster. You can’t write a song like that. You have to write from story and character. We knew this movie was really going to be Elsa’s movie about resisting that feeling that you’re not quite where you belong and then giving over to it and taking all the risks and finally finding it.”

One thing that they did wanted to include more of was Jonathan Groff’s singing. Groff plays Anna’s boyfriend Kristoff. Many fans were disappointed of his very short song in the 2013 film.

Lopez said it was something everyone planned going into the sequel.

“One of the things that everyone agreed was that in Frozen, Jonathan did not have enough to sing. The guy has pipes of gold, and we just sort of let them lie. So we wanted to get to this idea of a guy who is very much used to repressing his feelings, probably from childhood, suddenly feeling them all in one big ’80s power ballad. So that it would be funny but also, you know, a little emotional too. Maybe too emotional.”

Anderson-Lopez added, “ And also, reindeers in harmony. Bobby and I were both in a cappella groups, and so whenever possible, the great joy of our process is putting vocals and vocal harmonies in our demos.”

Honestly, the number was pretty perfect all around.

Frozen 2 is currently out in theatres and the soundtrack is available to stream or purchase.

Bec Heim