Devoted Fanbases Go Double Time To Secure Big Wins At The People’s Choice Awards

Credit: E!

The 2019 People’s Choice Awards produced some intriguing results. The winner of the Best Dramatic Film Category was After, a story based on the fan fiction about One Direction member Harry Styles. It follows a girl in her first year of college who finds her naivety challenged by meeting a more rebellious boy.

Other surprise winners included the Freeform show Shadowhunters, which came ahead of more well-known shows such as The Umbrella Academy and Stranger ThingsĀ to clinch Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show of 2019.

A less eyebrow-raising choice was actress Jennifer Aniston for the icon award. With 2019 as the much-celebrated 25th anniversary of Friends, along with Aniston’s appearances on Netflix’s Murder Mystery and Apple TV+’s The Morning Show, viewers choosing to honour her with the accolade seemed fitting. Musicians Gwen Stefani and Pink were also given icon status during the ceremony.

Other celebrities to be honoured were British Radio 1 presenter Maya James, who took away the award for the UK and Ireland’s Best Dressed Star. Actor and comedian Kevin Hart was given Comedy Act of the Year. One of the less surprising awards of the night was Best Reality Show, which went to Keeping Up With the Kardashians, now into its 18th season.

In total, over a billion votes were cast by the general public in 42 different categories. The disparate ways in which audiences consume TV and film have meant the idea of what is truly the choice of ‘the people’ in each category has become less clear. The various offerings from Marvel tend to draw huge audiences and big box office sales. Other films and shows tend to have niche but devoted fanbases, which when said fans vote en masse, can result in them punching above their weight at award ceremonies.

The fact that people can also vote for the People’s Choice Awards via Twitter, and that votes are counted double on some days, has most likely been the reason for some more low-key choices carrying the day.

You can see a full list of winners here.