Cisco Takes Center Stage In “Kiss Kiss Breach Breach” On The Flash

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Flash fans!

We’re still moving along until we hit Crisis. With that move, we’re seeing a lot of emotions from Team Flash. Last week, everyone struggled to deal with the news of Barry’s impending death in their own ways. Ralph wanted to quit on the Sue Dearbon case. Cisco wanted to save Barry. Joe just struggled with the knowledge that he will lose his son.

It was all very moving and sweet. Meanwhile, Ramsey Russo went off the deep end. Using his blood powers and bio-regeneration serum, he realized that he needs to feed on the blood of scared people in order to beat death. Yeah, he’s full on mad scientist mode. Now Barry and the team have finish him before Barry’s finished.

Also, Nash Wells has something to do with the Monitor. (Or we’re pretty sure it’s the Monitor anyway.)

So let’s see what happens this week, shall we?

Noir: Cisco finds himself about to be placed under arrest. 12 hours earlier, Barry and Iris plan to take a vacation in order to have some alone time before Crisis hits. Ramsey hasn’t appeared in a couple of weeks. Cisco and Ralph are in charge while they’re gone. Cisco also created a special AI based on Barry’s thought patterns called BARI. Our Barry learns some deep truths about himself. Cisco sends Frost and Ralph to go stake out Ramsey’s lab. Joe goes to meet Nash face to face, wanting to know why he’s digging a hole. When Nash tries to get Joe to leave, they struggle for a moment and one of Nash’s gauntlets cause a crash. Cisco and Kamilla get into bed where Cisco sleepwalks and almost cuts his hair. Kamilla tells the shocked Cisco about the sleepwalking happened the previous night. She thinks that he needs to rest up. Cisco almost tells Kamilla that he loves her, but chickens out. It gets a little awkward. They’re woken up again by Breacher appearing. He tells Cisco that Gypsy is dead. (Oh damn, was she on Earth-2?)

Echoes: Breacher tells Cisco what happened to Cynthia. She died when she was pursuing a bounty on their Earth. Breacher needs Cisco’s help. When Kamilla informs Breacher of the meta-cure, he asks about breach psychosis. It consists of blackouts, dry mouth, weird hallucinations. Kamilla joins Cisco to look at the crime scene. Nash and Joe are stuck behind a wall of rocks. An attempt to get out causes a fireball which burns off a ton of the oxygen. Frost meets Snake, who informs her of a Bloodwork attack. Ralph arrives to have a chat with Frost, who thinks Ramsey is her problem and her fight. She blames herself for not listening to her gut. It gives Frost an idea as to where Ramsey is. Kamilla and Cisco go to the crime scene where Cisco prepares to tel her that he loves her. They find the Earth-19 Collector agents analyzing the scene led by a guy named Zach. Based on the evidence, it looks like Echo killed Gypsy by vaporizing her.

Care: Cisco and Kamilla talk about him and Gypsy. Kamilla, being a class act, feels no jealousy toward the deceased. She would be worried if he wasn’t sad. The Collectors of Earth-19 ask them to leave before Cisco can tell Kamilla that he loves her. Cisco immediately suspects Zach. Following BARI’s advice, they have to do a dual course of action. Nash and Joe have a little talk about faith. Joe has it, but Nash doesn’t. Joe tells Nash about when, after his first wife left, he went to church to yell at the universe. The next day, the neighborhood rallied around him and Iris. He has faith in others, outside of himself. Cisco comes up with a plan so he and Breacher can figure out what happened to Gypsy. Unfortunately, they are going to see her die. They see a fight between the two as the vaporizer is detected by Kamilla. Kamilla goes looking for the weapon, finding it in Cisco’s lab. It’s revealed that Echo is…Cisco?

Guilty? Breacher attacks Cisco, declaring him to be a murderer. Kamilla arrives with the weapon and a possible explanation. What if it was a doppelganger? Apparently, they’re all pencil pushers. They then think it was breach psychosis. Breacher mourns for his daughter and his son. He tells Cisco that he has an hour to get ready and turn himself in. Or else. Nash thinks he has a new plan, but it could kill him. Joe shares about Barry’s upcoming death, mentioning the Monitor. Ralph then arrives, having tracked Joe down. Frost tracks down Ramsey, who is gone full on villain. Caitlin arrives to talk with Ramsey and reminisce on their shared history. Ramsey wants her to become like him. He continues his talk about how he transcended death and how no one has to die again. Caitlin declines, telling him that he needs to have faith in himself. Ramsey chokes and promises that next time it won’t be choice. Cisco and Kamilla talk over his options. She points out that he gave up control of his life the moment Barry made him team leader. Kamilla has faith in him, but Cisco is not the Flash. Kamilla reminds him that Barry choose Cisco to be himself. She tells him to quiet the noise in his head. He realizes that someone messed with his white noise machine.

Innocent: We circle back to the start of the episode with Zach and the Collectors arriving to arrest Cisco. The net stopping the breach goes down while its revealed Cisco is a hologram. Cisco tells Breacher that he’s going to get the man that murdered his daughter. He finds Echo, who is an alternate version of himself. Echo tells him he has two minutes to get a hold of him. Echo tells him that he can hack the multiverse. He can reverse the fortunes of anyone. Cisco can wake up tomorrow with someone else’s life. Echo keeps pushing Cisco, saying that Gypsy thought it was Cisco in the end. The two fight each other. He points the vaporizer at Cisco when a force field goes up. The Collectors arrive to get Echo as Cisco leaves.

Faith: Breacher apologizes to Cisco, who says it’s no big deal. Gypsy came to Earth-1 in her final moments because she knew Cisco would bring Echo to justice. Breacher doesn’t know what to do next. Cisco says they need to heal. Both Cisco and Kamilla are invited to Gypsy’s remembrance ceremony on Earth-19. Cisco says the “love” word about Kamilla, who returns it. Barry and Iris return from their vacation. Chester is almost done “cooking”. The three talk about Gypsy. He misses his ex and is grateful for her helping him to become the person he needed to be. Frost checks over Joe while Ralph asks Nash about what he was looking for. Nash tells them that he knows how to save Barry.

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