Chris Evans Joins Billy Eichner In Billy On The Street (And They Run Into Another Avenger)

Credit: Netflix

Poor Chris Evans just wants to talk about his new film Knives Out on Billy on the Street.  Billy Eichner, however, has other plans, like celebrating his 15th anniversary of the series. He also just likes introducing Evans as Captain America (even though he passed the title to Anthony Mackie). Evans does get to pitch his film to unsuspecting New Yorkers.

He also wants to move his series, which was acquired by Netflix, to Disney+. Maybe Evans can help with that? (I don’t know, dude. We would ask Tom Holland seeing as how he got Disney and Sony to play nice with Spider-Man.)

One of those New Yorkers? Paul Rudd. Yeah, he was just passing and there he was. This gif has never been more appropriate for any scenario.

Rudd, who has been on the show before, knows the drill and joins them for a little bit. You just gotta love New York sometimes.

Credit: Tumblr

The video caps with Eichner assembling a group of lesbians to run through the streets with Evans: Not a bad choice, but, well, next time get Chris Hemsworth. Thor is the lesbian icon, Eichner. You should know this.

Check out the video below.


Knives Out will be out in theatres on Nov. 27.

Bec Heim